Why did Atinama get suspended?

Why did @Atinama get suspended. As far as I can remember he did not even call some one ‘faggit’. He said the word applies to only weak minded people. ( though don’t know if he did sometimes else later )

This is lame. Slowly this forum is turning into like those ultra left PC universities.

This is a black magician’s forum. Where killing someone is O.K, but saying ‘faggot’ is not!!! Oh, the fucking absurdity.

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Maybe you should check the rules, dude:

And Eva’s warning that he ignored:

And this is the funniest thing I’ve read today, considering how much far-right stuff is spouted in various threads, particularly the political ones:


Yes please read the rules and sometimes you don’t see what people do, that’s out of your hands.


He persisted ranting on about “faggits” past the formal warning to keep things courteous. I removed them, and also his earlier posts which, while they got good replies, seemed to encourage a certain tone in this topic that was counter to the OP. If you want to see the removed posts I can PM you them, I’m not putting them here even though I have unlisted this.

Nope, he’d have got the same if he persisted using insults on ANY thread, PAST a formal caution regarding this.

His actions were inane and childish and had no merit of factual debate, and also, the OP clearly states “This is meant for other people on here who identify as LGBTQA+ whatever.”

That’s simple enough to comprehend, and he attention-whored all over it, and then continued to do so AFTER the formal warning, which is why he got a one-month suspension.

Here’s the thing - “the forum is left wing,” “the forum is right wing,” people think both - both cannot be correct, but both can be WRONG.

Think about that for a mo, folks, please. :wink:

There is genuine freedom of expression on here, and the only way that functions is to shut down rudeness and (especially) attempts at a heckler’s veto, whereby the loudest and/or whiniest get to silence other people, whether by overt aggression or sneaky crybully tactics.

People (and I have seen this in many other venues) then perceive this as bias, because their own “reality” is not stomping over allcomers and running the show.

I have split this bit off into its own topic, because really, it’s just more derailment - and I doubt you can have formed the impression I randomly ban people for asking questions, so you could perfectly well have PM’d me this question, @Goku - or if you feel a ban is incorrect, there is an appeals procedure, and Timothy has access to all info lying behind any bans or suspensions, because I log them in Staff.


Ok, didn’t know about that. Seems I was wrong. And there is no need to PM me those.


You have no idea how much self-reastraint I show by answering, simply, Yes. :neutral_face:

Seriously dude call me a Nazi, at least they’re hot! :stuck_out_tongue:

Compare and contrast :slight_smile:



Don’t know from where all that coloured hair trend came. Doesn’t seem like a Nazi repellent to me. ( some look cute though, but very few ).


Since this is unlisted I’ll tell you this @goku,
He sent an aggressive PM to me that devolved into threats.
He admitted in that PM, as well in this mentioned thread, that he was saying all those things for the “lulz” and to rial people up in order to “teach us”.
There was no interest in discussing anything, he was attempting to exert power.

His speech and behavior are strong signs of abuse where he is masculinity is stomped on. The way he works out shows that as well; he goes for looks not power.
He admitted to flirting and leading gay men on in clubs only to degrade and laugh at them later. This shows worrying signs that he will, or already does, abuse others to gain that power he doesn’t have.

Another member let me know he’s threatened others here before. I guess it was in PM’s and not reported or else he wouldn’t still be here.

Oh, sorry to hear that. Yes, stuff like this happens here a lot.

And if he does stuff like that in the clubs, then that’s fucked up. And the person he threatened is I thing @Fallen_Angel .

Man, you never know, as some of his points were quite legit.

Nevertheless hope you are doing well. Take good care of yourself.

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Oh yes he did and you know what if he actually had decent grammar I’d actually take his threats seriously.

Eh he can’t do anything. It’s fine in my book.