Why coins to Lucifuge?

I understand the act of paying homage- but what appreciation/use does such a powerful entity have for human currency? I mean are they supposed to be gold coins? I don’t think he would accept pennies. I am mean wouldn’t a mighty lord of excess appreciate something like libations of say booze for example as homage/pact agreements. Speaking of pacts how do you known they agree? I know not to expect my floor to crack open and hellfire flames.

Money is a representation of energy. Also the metals they are made from has its own energies.

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You will receive the sign.

What sort of coins? Nothing seems to say? I think I read something somewhere about burying them. That is simply not an option in this part of the country this time of year- ground frozen solid.

I would say look into the spiritual virtures of metals and look into any connections with the spirit your working with. you’ll may find one that has similar qualities.

Don’t quote me on this but spirits like shiney things so maybe try to find a freshly minted quarter?

I’ve read Lucifuge is often regarded as having a sack of gold. Gold coins are pretty hard to come by for poor shlups like me

If you can’t afford gold coins, look for a coin that was made when the economic development was large (online sellers, quite affordable).
Frozen ground - scatter the earth with boiling water :slight_smile:

Sure boiling water might melt some snow. I’m in northern WI/MN. Green Bay ain’t called the frozen tundra for nothing- and Green Bay ain’t even in the north. What the fuck I have a snow shovel.