Why can't spirit eat all

I have a question. According to @DarkestKnight a spirit cannot effect the world without human calling. If spirit wants energy why can’t a black magician offer them the entire world. All matter is made of energy right? Why can’t a spirit suck everything into nonexistence?

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All matter may be energy, but not all energy is the same.

Physical matter is the densest form of energy. Spirits can’t do anything with it. That why, when we offer any sort of energy to spirits, we have to refine it first, and why, if we want to progress spiritually, we have to refine our own intrinsic energy.

Funny. Sure, there maybe Spirits who want that but which Spirit is powerful enough to do that? Except the mystery that created everything.

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I understand. the astral cord is not physical matter right? My friend wants to escape. Can he have a spirit suck all the energy from the cord?
I have many servitors, but they feed on the veil between this realm and other.

I disagree with that, completely. Unless we’re talking about man-made thought forms. Those, naturally, can not effect the world without human calling.

Because you can’t deliver what you’re promising. “Here… take the world” won’t do a thing. Can you write a check using someone else’s bank account, one that you’re not authorized to use? When you have full control over all matter, which is energy, you can give it away.

You mean, commit suicide ?