Why can't I quit?

Anybody who ever tried to quit Magick/Spiritual Ascension or the Occult and these wouldn’t let them leave? Why does this happen if somebody wants to leave but they can’t?

I’m not even afraid when I consider leaving but I just can’t bring myself to quit even after my path change. It’s almost like my God self won’t let me and I have no say in the matter…


Magic changes us. When we develop our inborn gift, our energetic body changes to allow us to use said abilities. Once you’ve changed yourself like that, I don’t think you can ever truly revert: energy will always flow through you, and your thoughts and emotions will always push into reality a little.
You’re drawn to it because it’s part of you now. You can’t deny your true nature entirely. Personally I’ve never tried to leave, but the thought of not using my abilities anymore is like the thought of someone cutting off my arms or legs. I just wouldn’t be me anymore.


The thing is I barely even had experience yet these feelings are coming through but mentally I know I changed in good and bad ways.

If it is a part of me then I guess I should embrace it. I’m just afriad of hurting others and summoning Spirits I don’t want any contact with.

But to be honest the amount of Synchronicity in these past two days is shocking :sweat_smile:


I just lurk around in this thread for future researches a.k.a. “should I stay or should I go”. This is a really interesting topic.

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You’ll change alot more in the years to come. Stick with it and one day you’ll reach a point where who you are and your power solidifies.

The summoning one is easily avoided. If you have a search round, you’ll find a few threads on it.
As for hurting others, don’t worry about it. I discussed the nature of human life briefly in a previous thread. Specifically how, energetically, the non practitioner can be considered equivalent to an inanimate object. Try not to let it worry you. After all, you can’t make an omlet without breaking a few eggs.


I did search at first and found a RHP who seemed to have went downhill in his practices. It was sad tbh.

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It actually seems that Meditation and Mantras can replace Spellwork in this area. Although it sounds weird I kinda feel like Moses from Prince of Egypt :sweat_smile: well minus the fact that I’m not gonna split an Ocean in two.

I’m curious on the summoning one. If I speak with a Spirit, I want to speak with them alone but in a none restrictive way. That’s how I’ve felt lately! I’ve viewed people as loving and friends but it’s like they’re completely different, even close friends and family. Perhaps letting go of these emotions will do less harm than holding on (I’m talking about the emotions of fear and doubt).

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Twenty-six years ago I gave up Magick and four years later ended up involved in the greatest Magick of my life. Took me a while to realise but by then it was too late. (God save the Queen, because nothing and no one will save Australians!)



Well I don’t have much to draw upon but a few years ago, I was really tired of magick and the occult in general because of the lack of clear results and verifiable results and took a break.

The break lasted for about a few weeks to almost a month. During that time I felt my mind becoming foggier, cluttered and in general felt really hopeless and above all I felt so bored and numbed towards life, then it hit me I didn’t realize that magick’s been giving me a meaning to my life and also peace of mind which I obviously didn’t have during my break. After some time had passed I decided to get back into magick and see if it would help me. And the minute I got back and started to get back into basic meditations like the Blue Ray meditation, I was hooked and in a few days, I noticed my mental health and general well being being restored.

Now I’d never wanna quit it’s the best thing ever but if you feel like you want to leave or take a break perhaps you should.

To answer your question I don’t think you will have anything bad happen to you, I think that you’ll feel a pull towards magick quite strongly and then a form of release when you get back into it after being away.


Sometimes a break is needed in Life for whatever reason…


YES beloved. Its really hard to get away from black magick :joy::sweat_smile: either you cant put it down or it finds a way to suck you back in. It becomes very ingrained into who you are as a person. But breaks do wonders honestly.
(Tmw you wanna leave but black magick wont let you.)


You can practice more eastern-style magick and not have to do any invocation/evocation of spirits. You also don’t have to do baneful magick if you don’t feel like it.

I personally don’t work with spirits very often, usually working with energies directly. I also only ever used baneful magick one single time, and I undid it a day later after the person got super sick.

Ultimately, you do what you must, regardless of what anyone says, so think upon this well.


This is not what I signed up for :sob::sob::sob: I just wanted to achieve my goals :joy::joy::joy:

Well since I’m here there has to be a reason right? I don’t practice Black Magick per say but I’m not a White or Grey Magician :thinking: I guess I’m a Rainbow Magician :rainbow:

I suppose so! Indian Magick is insanely scary, not an area I’d play around in without a Master.

I guess I was just practicing Magick that wasn’t for me…

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Dude, eastern style magick isn’t scary. Look at kundalini and other forms of energywork, it’s easy to start out, and if you pair it with good meditation practices, you can progress very far along.

Alternatively, you could always work through Franz Bardon’s Initiation into Hermetics, if you want a non-spirit-focused system of practice.

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I’ve always been a fan on Mantras and chants. They seem to be incorporated like spells in many ways.

Kundalini is something I viewed as an energy which needs to awaken itself…

And thank you I will look into the last one!!

I recall someone saying that Aliester Crowley stated that Eastern and Western Magick shouldn’t mix… I don’t know why but it seems valid.

Eastern and Western magick should most definitely mix, eastern magick covers what western magick doesn’t, and vice versa. Without learning both, you will find that there are holes in what your knowledge covers. The hard part is actually figuring out how they work together.


Perhaps like Ying and Yang they are one…

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I have a feeling that this may have to do with your Hindu Gods thread (correct me if I’m wrong).

You know you can still practice magick and work with them, right?

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Yes I do but Magick has taken its toll on me Mentally. I feel as if I need a Break.

I do want to stop working with Angels and Demons entirely and focus on Gods. I do recognize all as Gods but I’m more comfortable with traditional Gods.

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