Why can't I do free tarot readings?

I just wanted to hone my skills and then someone deletes my post! I get no explanation, no reason, nada. It’s just gone.


Wait for Lady_Eva to explain you if needed instead. Though…the rules are right there for everyone to read.


Theres this rule that new comers cant offer any free readings and stuff until they have reached 90 days or something
Btw your reading was good

My apologies on behalf of who did that. your topic was moved to the lounge which puts it out of the reach of newer members until a moderator can review it.

I am relatively experienced in tarot reading, been obsessing over them lately. I also am super active every day. I am a full blown member.

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Posted just now

Joined 4 days ago

Read 10h

You have to wait 30 days, it’s the rule :slight_smile:

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It’s only been four days? Holy crap.

This explains a little better.

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Maybe Make A Discord Server And Give the readings though there, but link it in here, bing bang boom, I can use a reading I suck with the pendulum.

PM me.

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Can Newbies not PM Either :upside_down_face: wow


i just signed up pft… I don’t have dat

You can if you have the PM option
Depends on how active you are
I had to wait around 4-5 days to message someone

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I’d Started 2 days ago And I Am Completely new to forums, I don’t see the option, I Came to get much needed help.

There might be some other options that show you are active by liking, quoting, and earning badges (or not I’m not sure on this). There is a tutorial in my pms I haven’t taken but am thinking of doing it.

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Hmm. . but I have been PM’ed before, I Think if @Maxwell PM’s Me I can respond to you though that pm

It wasn’t deleted just moved out of view

Not A Bad idea Maybe, They do like to test us beginners,

I can’t.