Why can't demons create physical changes?

Stuff like changing someone’s eye color or their height,

Or levitating objects, etc

Does magick only affect the astral plane? Why not the physical? Many more people would believe in magick and demonolatry if it could affect physical stuff too.


Oh, but they can.


I one hundred percent agree with you that they can. For me personally, I’ve come to realize that the body is just a shell that manifests the magick. How the shell id Presented has no bearing on the skill of a magician.

Is there something about yourself you would like to change or is it just a general question?


I also think that they can, as long as your subconscious allows those changes to happen. Unfortunately is the subconscious an animalistic force and wants everything to be the most profitable for the host. So lets say you want to have a smaller belly, but you life in Siberia. The subconscious is unlikely to allow that to happen because you need the fat reserves for winter.

This is my thesis and not approved by any high ranking magician so take it with a grain of salt :blush:


That comment made me smile, thank you

How? Is there any proof of this happening? Of something in the physical realm being noticably and verifiably changed by magick? People/objects being changed? Diseases being cured? Levitation, shapeshifting? Or even events being changed (such as being able to control the weather)?

This is a general question out of curiosity but I’d change myself if I could, just for fun

But I have never seen any instances of someone just willing themselves to change and changing, without effort. And what about unchangeable things, such as eye color or height, which is not like belly fat which can be gotten rid of by just working out

And who will very this outside of personal experienences that you either believe or don’t?

I think a better question is how are any of these phenomenon possible, not if they are. There’s always a way. As far as the physical plane is concerned, only time has the most rigid limitations, specifically the past. Everything else is up for grabs.

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Well if it happened then surely people would notice it and it would become famous, like if a magician made it snow in July, cured cancer, or made themselves the next Albert Einstein

Assuming it is possible, then why hasn’t it happened yet? Is it beyond the abilities of most magicians? Or do people just not care to do these things?

The will and subconscious are often unbalanced you might want something really bad but your subconscious doesn’t allow you to have it. You can change for eye color but it takes a lot of time! Cancer can be cured quit easily with herbs and I have first hand experience. Think logically why would you show your powers to the mundane? Aren’t you afraid to be used as some sort of resource for your state? That happened to a lot magicians in the 2000 century. Do a bit of research especially on Franz Bardon.


Having a physical proof and putting it in the media is the craziest idea I’ve ever heard of. Next thing I know I’ll be chopped up on a government table to figure out how I work LOL .
I can’t speak for everybody but any work that I do is done behind the scenes. There will be no connection to me for anything I’ve ever done and I like to keep it that way


I guess that’s true. But outrageous stuff like changing the weather can still happen anonymously, any magician could do it and they wouldn’t have to tell who they are, yet there hasn’t been in the news “snow in July”

Or even something as simple as alchemy, turning lead into gold and becoming rich…

If it’s possible then why do we still have poverty, global warming, and war? Witchcraft could be an easy solution.

I would suggest that you look deeper into alchemy. Turning lead to gold is a metaphor. Turning the unpure soul into a god. Poverty is necessary so the western world can live at the hight standards we currently do. War is good for economy and prevents an overpopulation as hard as it sounds. Global warming is a normal thing. The only thing that humans are doing is to make it appear faster. Periods of Cold and Warmth have been occurring throughout all of history.


I can’t say for sure, but think of the reasons why the occult is shrouded in secrecy in the first place.

I’m sure anyone who has achieved any of the feats you’ve mentioned above have been smart enough to keep it to themselves else they become targets.


Because the world is in a delicate balance. Start messing with one thing on a global scale and you can cause no end of repercussions on the other end.

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There is a thread going right now with somebody affecting the weather as an experiment

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I’ve temporarily changed the colour of my eyes before. Without any assistance from any spirits.


That makes sense, but what if I only wanted to change myself? Would it still mess up the balance?

From what color to what color? How long did it last? When it changed back was it because you chose to change it back or did it go back by itself? Did you use magick?

Really, I just made the outer edge of my iris a golden color. It lasted a few hours, but I didn’t do anything to make it last any longer than that. I did it with energywork techniques being applied with an alchemy-based methodology.

That’s interesting. Not to doubt you or anything, but have you verified that said “eye color change” was ot a result of, say, different room lighting?

Have you ever tried to change your eyes color completetely, from blue to brown or green to purple, just to prove that eye color change is really possible?