Why can not my friend contact the spirits any more?

So a friend of mine who had a long walk in magic has been unable to make contact with any entity for months. From night to day, his evocations no longer have an effect. As if there were some blockage preventing him from performing magical practices. The tarot points to an external lock, but how can he resolve if he can not use magic anymore as a tool?
Does anyone know how to proceed in such a situation?


I’m facing this presently, in my case, at first, they would come but not physically anymore, I had to use my senses. So i resulted to astral evocation. Then they only stay afar and communicate with me…but now they don’t come at all.

Though i have found what caused it, some higher powers are behind it, and I’m working on it.

So, I think your friend should seek out one whose evocation still goes well, let them divine for him, ask what’s the caused behind it, or if he knows other ways or means to ask about it himself, he should. That was what helped me.


maybe he tries too hard?

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It sounds like someone has bound your friend. Depending on how powerful he is, he has to break the binding or have someone do it for him.