Why Belial would refuse to help me

If one spirit or demon said no, for whatever reason, why not ask a different spirit ?

It’s highly unlikely that everyone would refuse to help you. And with all respect to Belial… What you needed help with is not that difficult for any other spirit to accomplish, easily.

Another option is to learn how to do magick yourself without asking spirits for help. Evoking spirits and requesting their help is only one way to do magick. It’s not the only way. Good luck


demons have personslites and I guess some refuse to work with certain humans why others are drawn towards certain humans…

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Any chance that King Belial taught you exactly what you gotta do now in your exact situation?
There must have been some knowledge that King Belial passed on to you so it comes handy in your situation.
As you said that “he granted you every wish”.
King Belial did it all for you and you are still at the beginning.
P.S. I hope you learned that having someone doing everything for you could backfire in one point of your life.
P.P.S. Best wishes to you :pray:


Belial is the “lawless one” “one without a master” ELIGOS AKA ABIGOR IS WHO YOU WANT. Ive worked with him before and too this day he is keeping his word.

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Trying another isn’t bad but remember if you’ve been working with one for a while and on this, bringing in another could screw the whole thing.

Once OP knows why this is happening she can decide to enlist someone else but I don’t recommend it without talking to Belial. He could easily stop another Daemons efforts if he chooses.
I will say he only does things like this for specific reasons, so if there’s a problem the other Spirit will find it too.

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Here’s one thread with some ideas you could go on.
I’d try these out and show Belial you want to see this through. I think he’d help if you do this.
Let us know!

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Can you hear spirits yet? I’m going through my own crap right now, but without being able to hear spirits, it’s hard to gauge their willingness to assist.


I recommend pen and paper for this problem.

When you call them ask them to use the paper to answer your questions then relax yourself and hold onto the pen, they will use you to write.


I would like to say that I think too many of us put all our eggs in one basket, especially when we have some major need and depend solely on a spirit to manifest the need.
First, there’s a reason that in Golden Dawn the Portal (evocation) Grade is last, after the the Neophyte and Elemental Grades. Learning to communicate effectively with spirits is a challenge, and if you have made a pact in the blind without having heard the spirit agree to the terms, you can be left high and dry.
Second, spirits can actually fail at a task. They can accomplish great feats, but there are things they can’t (or won’t) do.
Finally, this is why self-development is so important. I know you’re not here for a lecture, but I want to help you. Learn to cast your own spells, harness the natural energies of the cosmos, create chaos sigils, mix herbs and oils, charge candles, etc. When you combine all that knowledge into a super ritual or short series of rituals, to include a petition and/or offering to a spirit, you have put enough force out there to manifest almost anything. And it doesn’t take long to learn these things. You’ll just have to put it into practice.


I apologize if this is a little off topic… i’m a newbie to the dark lords.
A good practitioner is offering a 3rd eye activation/cleansing with Azazel and Shamsiel. I thought about purchasing because i could do with the help in order to hear and see my own spirit family better.
But i’m also nervous as i’ve never done anything like this before and i don’t know the fallen angels Nor Demons well.

A few nights ago a had a dream that an entity came and spoke to me about the activation, i’m fairly sure it was Azazel. we had a conversation and what i got from it was he was trying to reassure me and tell me he was willing to work to me.
I never invoked him… don’t even know how to lol

Any insights or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Hi there! Welcome to the forum! Please take a moment to introduce yourself:


I also suggest you look here and work on a different magick system if you’re having troubles: http://www.luckymojo.com/courtcase.html

Introduction Done :slight_smile:

I saw. Thank you, and welcome!

I was trying to find someone to help with a court hearing myself. I thought of belial, and just looked up eligos after you mentioned him. SO hes a good one to have on your side huh?

Eligos is great at law. He is like a demon lawyer, amounst other things

ok sweet thx

Is it unusual for Azazel to visit you in a dream when you don’t evoke or call him?

Not really. Daemons seem to like throwing things at you to get your attention if they feel it needs to be directed at them.
Just remember it’s always your choice to call on said Spirit, don’t let any make you think otherwise.

Thanks Alita, So just to clarify…you choose them? They don’t choose you?