Why are some people born/naturally more sensitive to energy/spirits?

I noticed that some people (being most of society) have little to no sensitivity to spirits/subtle energies/etc while others naturally (without doing the work to improve) are sensitive to these things?

Why is that? I understand that our senses are always open but are like muscles, so then why are some people naturally more sensitive then others?

I was born able to see ambient energy and able to feel energy naturally (to which I further improved) so this is of curiosity. Is there an biological reason for this? Like why isn’t everyone born able or not able to percieve energy through the Clair’s?

I’m also aware that society kinda “programs” us to ignore subtle energies or that “spirits aren’t real” as well as many other things…however that doesn’t explain the difference in why some can percieve naturally and others can’t.


How a person is raised and their environment contributes to a great deal of it, I wasn’t born sensitive, but I can confidently say I am more sensitive now than some that claim they were born sensitive. It’s just a matter of various factors.


Well I was born sensitive but I never (until recently) tried to improve because I wasn’t aware of what I was seeing/feeling. I mean I was aware because trust me can’t ignore seeing energy - but more of what it was.

However its still the same process of trying to strengthen them whether or not your born sensitive.

I highly doubt my upbrining had anything to do with this. I had the normal traumatic/religious/etc upbringing…so


Why are some people naturally good knitters? Naturally good Cooks? Why are some people able to build skyscrapers and fly planes or write entire symphonies at the age of four? Why am I crafter, and and artist, but my children have no talent for either?

I was born able to see shadow creatures, spirits of the dead and some other spirits close to this plane, tapping into other peoples emotions and I’ve been accused of reading minds more times than I can count, because being able to tap into someone’s emotions, gives a pretty good read on what they probably are thinking…but some of other senses I still don’t have anywhere near 100%.

I think it’s like Velenos said, a combination of genetics, environment etc. In my journal I write about how at the age of 3, I knew that I needed to keep this stuff quiet, because other people didn’t see what I did. For most of my life, I tried to not see things and experience things, because its not what normal people do, and I didn’t understand it at all.


Some people’s are born with brains that process these subtle energies.


Well I definitely had the time period where I was asking my peers (in school) if they could see what I could, or other things and yeah learned not to do that.

I’ve only ever seen a Shadow creature once, I can only see ambient/earth energy. Just recently I improved my senses to seeing orbs. However always been able to see the ambient energy clearly.


All Brains can.

Yes they process it, but brain doesn’t recognize these subtle things as necessary, so you don’t feel it as much

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I could keep going, why am I the only one in the family with Asthma? Why did my mother have schizophrenia? Why does someone whose never smoked get lung cancer? I think there’s too many factors.

It’s like me asking why some of us hit it with magic from day one, and some of us still struggle after 25 years of avid dedicated practice. You’d think there would be a median point, but there is not.

Past lives, current lives, the choice of family we incarnated into, where we live, who we are around, what church we went too, I think it all adds up.


Fair enough. To many points/possible reasons. I understand that.


It’s actually thought that the mind blocks most subtle energies because it conveys it as unnecessary, one method is to reprogram the mind to accept those subtle sensations in various degrees. Not exactly the brain but that’s a complex discussion.


I’ve heard that too. However the question is HOW would you reprogram and also not overwhelm yourself with the amount of information you THEN process.

That’s why I prefer to work on my senses, so I can choose the pace.


I’ve read quite often, the best way to start noticing things, is to stop trying and just be. Like instead of turning to see what the shadow is at the corner of your eye, or trying to think about what it might be, just ignore it.

Not sure how well it works for people, but I do know the magiceye3d puzzles, helped me see more layers of the aura than I previously did, and I’ve read they help a lot too, because it retrains your eyes to focus differently, or to use the cones and rods differently. Idr the exact phrasing.


Right but if you ignore it then that’s the same as seeing it as insignificant? I mean if you draw your attention to something it’s because it’s of some importance? Which probably helps for senses?

Like biologically and psychologically speaking if your looking at something then your brain is analyzing it. If not then vice versa

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Like others have stated before me, some are born more sensitive than others.
But there are a lot of factors that can reduce your sensitivity, starting from day one. A complicated pregnancy. A traumatic birth. Abuse in childhood.
And then education and other environmental factors that can blind you and make you deaf.

But in the end, dedication beats natural talent.


The point of ignoring it, I believe is so that it becomes more natural and less startling, and hard for your brain to dismiss as nothing.

You don’t pay attention to the chair next to you, because you know it’s real. You’re trained to believe this stuff isn’t real so you question it. You don’t question the chair, you just know.

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Well from all that, then I should have no senses, which is not the case.

Oh, okay - that makes more sense.

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For me it happens something different, also strange. I always was drawned to magick, im extremely sensitive to the energies, i can feel someone’s thoughts/ character/ mental state.
My intuition is great, for example we had a huge earthquake in my country and the last 3 days before this, i was so nervous and irritated for no reason. Like how the animals react before a big earthquake? This.
I can explain and see what’s happening in a situation even if im not interfered in this. Thoughts are coming to my mind and often they are accurate. I can say something for me or others and after some days it happens. In the past I thought that the universe is an alive being listening, like wtf :joy:
BUT no matter how much i have tried so far with meditation and Evocations im not able to hear or communicate with the spirits. I do ask for signs, or dreams, thoughts, whatever and there’s nothing.
And other people who are not even spiritual, they dont care about magic and meditation etc can see or hear them
Damn that’s not fair :joy:


Human development is not mathematics. People can still be sensitive after that, but they can also lose their abilities. Some might even get stronger in a certain situation. It depends on what you start with and your environment. These two things include so many factors that you cannot say If there’s situation x you will always get result y.