Why are fallen angels considered demons?

Demons are essentially spirits with “dark” powers. Shady or mysterious, maybe, but not always evil. Angels seem to be much, much more specific. Essentially an angel is an entity of light. However there are fallen angels, those which embrace darkness as well. Lucifer and Samael are considered angels with this quality. Multiple times both Christians and non-Christians I have talked to likened them to demons. So why are they demons? Is it the fact that they are against the Abrahamic God and do “unholy” things? Does an affinity for darkness make you demonic? Are angels really that different from demons? I mean some demons were essentially angels before they fell, and one in particular appears as such (Crocell). I think the only distinction here is the light/dark thing and anything not “light” is lumped in with darkness. But I’m not sure and I’m probably confusing myself. What say you?


It depends on what you mean by demon. Originally, daemons (so translated to avoid confusion) were a type of spirit in the Ancient Greek religion. They’re usually nature spirits or spirit guides. Hesiod said that Zeus transformed all the heroes of the Golden Age into daemons to serve humans as guardian spirits.

The change happens when the Hebrew Old Testament was translated into Greek, in a document called the Septuagint. The Hebrew word 'Malakh", was translated to Angelos (Greek for messenger) while daimonion (Greek for daemon) which meant a spirit less than divine, was used to translate Hebrew words for false idols, foreign deities, certain beasts, and natural evils. This led to the use of daimonion being meant an evil spirit within the Abrahamic religions.

So, fallen angels and daemons weren’t the same thing. But, they have become synonymous with each other in our languages. But it’s always good to know about our history.


They left their posts, incarnated as men and spread their demonic seed, they had forbidden knowledge and secrets of earth and the comos which they taught to their airs which gave them a leg up on mankind, man was to develop on his own but their actions have accelerated our civilisation beyond recognition, I believe another fall took place 100yrs ago which the technological advancements I think will destroy us, its been too much too quick but I hope it was done to avert a catastrophe which will decimate the earth, this jump in tech evolution is now driving the spiritual awakening but that too could also be a response to a need humanity currently doesn’t have the tools for, I really feel an urgency to wake my fellow earthlings up though , I’m doing my best, just hope it isn’t for nought
. The demon seed may be rh negative, or its extraterrestrial, I’m falling away from the christian view, too many holes in the story. But there’s definitely two seeds on earth Rh negative and Rh plus.

Rh negatives are those in whom the vampire myth comes from, they lack the production of proteins only found in human plasma due to inbreeding in ancient times to keep property and wealth in families, they are so inbred now they are bat shit nutters, relatives of royalty who are all Rh negative are mentally retarded or evil fucks


Well, Daemons as @ashtkerr said were guardians and helping spirits within the Greek religion. As the aforementioned individual said It all changed with the Hebrews.

Today, demons are essentially all of our human underlying desires lust,power,money and so on. Fallen angels in the Christian doctrine rebelled against God and whatnot, but now, they are an embodiment of those desires.

But yeah, they aren’t the same thing but they’ve became synonymous with each-other.

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Rh negatives are those in whom the vampire myth comes from, they lack the production of proteins only found in human plasma due to inbreeding in ancient times to keep property and wealth in families, they are so inbred now they are bat shit nutters, relatives of royalty who are all Rh negative are mentally retarded or evil fucks

This is false. I have Rh Negative blood but I’m not inbred, my mother was a combination British-Scottish European and my father was a Russian-born immigrant to Canada. Nor am I directly related to any royalty, there’s some rumors about my maternal grandfather’s side of the family, but I don’t put much stock into them. And I’m certainly not mentally retarded, I have a genius level IQ of 160, I am eligible for membership in Mensa. Nor am I particularly evil, I mean I had some anger problems and trouble with getting into fights when I was a little tyke, but show me a boy who hadn’t?


You are th negative but not royalty, I’m talking about royalty and the elites who are primarily Rh negative o negative to be exact, I’m talking about the bat shit cold blooded crazy elites who have no compassion and eat and molest little children, not you , you and I are hybrids and the elites are targeting us for extermination because we are heir’s to the same bloodline, they are killing the competition and any chance of our ancestors incarnating to challenge them.

And please stop telling the public or the authorities about your blood, you will be targeted, alien abductions by governments are primarily done on Rh negative non elite’s, be safe brother.

Except that I’m O-. That’s my blood type, I’m a universal donor. And I’m not anything like what you described.

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But you are still not part of an elite bloodline which prides itself on having kin with zero compassion, a bloodlust and disdain for humanity.

Your 0- up until recently meant your family couldn’t have children except with anyone else with that blood type or the mothers would have had an auto immune reaction to the Festus to kill it usually, but now theirs an anti d injection which stops that, though the baby’s that were born who survived were born blue due to lack of oxygen due to the mothers body rejecting the baby, that’s why the elites are called blue bloods.

But if you want to believe you have a natural inclination for bloodshed that’s cool lol, how do you know all your feelings of empathy aren’t channelled from other people due to your natural esp or maybe you are just a very good mimicker of human emotion, all Rh negatives say they are normal but how would you know different , its not like a sociopath will advertise they don’t feel the same inside or that they have an inclination to abuse children, I suppose we will all just have to take your world for it as we usher in our kids off the street quickly haaha, “they live” lol

I’m saying the elites are inbred which gives rise to deviant social behaviour’s, though the more I study the elite I come to the conclusion that they have always been targeting the innocent to satisfy their blood lust. Like your feelings of normality dont swaying the evidence of child sacrifice and abuse stemming back to biblical days and Moleck but if you tell me you think you are like the elite bloodlines but are normal, should I just take your word for it and lie to myself that today humanity doesn’t seem to be falling back into self worship and self gratification bordering on diabolical behaviour towards each other!

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Me too, I think Sic_Draco is on point about a lot but his ideas about our sacred blood are way off-beam, I’ll tell you more about it when we meet on the mothership to discuss that last eyeball-harvest - oh damn. :blush:

Seriously a LOT of magicians working for various kinds of human evolution are Rh neg.

Back ON topic, thanks for the input on the translation, in my experience angels channel one specific type of creative energy SO hard and pure that they have little to no use for “free will” but all kinds of other spirits have a more diverse repertoire, with a correlated lack of that ecstacy of being a creature of one single minded focus.

I base this on my experience of “being” the Angel Of Lost Things which was bizarre, and has remained with me.


I believe you refer to the Illuminati Elite. Who are all in actual fact from royal bloodlines and in various power positions across the globe. I am also 0- and my mother. So the demon seed must come from my mothers side. Not suprising she is indeed a very feisty 62 year old :blush:My mother and forefathers were all blue eyed and blond. Hitlers ideal human race, maybe I am a little evil then. I am coincidently also half german-fathers side of my family. His forefathers were in actual fact Barons, after World War 2 royal families no longer had any claim to their land or wealth in Germany as their funds were exhausted to fund Hitlers war. So I dont have millions waiting for me unfortunetly. Only 6% of the worlds population has my blood type. You think I may be a direct acendant of a Fallen Angel?


I, personally, believe that light and dark/ good and evil are purely subjective ideas.
I’ve spoken with supposedly evil spirits, they brought only improvements into my life.
I feel the best approach is to judge a spirit, as you would a person, by their actions and not their reputation.


I use the words like demon and fallen angel differently. A demon is described in various parts of the NT as just an unclean spirit but various phrases in the OT mention some Canaanite gods as demons as well, although I haven’t looked into the Hebrew translation yet.

Someone on a Christian website made the distinction that demons were actually fallen angels, referencing the passage in Genesis but there isn’t a description that supports her claim (the author was female) and it didn’t really work. She just sort of declared it that way.

In the Book of Enoch, which is the main reference to Fallen Angels, giving their names and attributes, it mentions how they fell and some are given their punishments. Yet the distinction with them is that they are mentioned as rebellious angels and not unclean spirits who claim themselves to be legion, causing people to go insane, being physically attacked, causing self-harm, making people go up to mountains and shouting, etc.

When looking into various occult philosophies, mostly ones I found in The Complete Magician’s Tables by Stephen Skinner, mentions how each “demon” is controlled by a “Good Angel,” in various parts and then lists certain demons, their astrological deacons (1, 2, or 3) and what they look like. They’re also very similar in descriptive appearance according to the Geotia, which, according to Donald Michael Kraig, “A demon looks like what you think a demon would look like.” Some artist renditions involving various incidents of Saints depict demons as creatures with a malformed appearance. I don’t think a Fallen Angel of the Lord would look that way. I’m guessing they’d look like regular angels only somehow more sinister looking.

So, I don’t think the notion that demons are fallen angels is actually true, unless their fall caused them to become hideously deformed in the process. Likewise, their names are also different, usually with EL at the end of the names where a demon is someone just something weird sounding. I’d guess you’d just have to ask them yourself.

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Same here. I don’t subscribe to extremist ideas because it seems to be conflicting once it gets complex.

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Strong opinions about things are permitted on here, he was discussing relatives of royalty, and not directly insulting a forum member, and I am Rh neg myself but I didn’t take offence. :wink:

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My question is, if they were fallen angel did they receive their powers before or after the fall? If it was before that would indicate they were given their powers by “God” and were essentially created for darker purpose to begin with. This is why I have a hard time believing in a fall.

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Of course! But simply observing that something was insulting to a hypothetical group of royal relatives seemed a little of the “argument based on outrage” thing, rather than facts.

By the way I had this in another doc, sharing as it may be of interest:

This is the myth of the Amerimutt, which is currently gaining traction after intense propagation – it’s factually incorrect, evidence shows that people of European origin are less mixed in north America than most people think:

[quote]Claims that US is a genetic melting pot appear overblown–if you’re white

Arvind Suresh | January 7, 2015 | Genetic Literacy Project

… in the largest study of its kind conducted so far, researchers at 23andMe and Harvard University have published the results of a genetic analysis of ancestry among the American people.

The study itself is quite impressive, conducted with 160,000 people who agreed to allow their data to be used anonymously for research purposes when they submitted their DNA for analysis with 23andMe. Such huge sample numbers, which are “an order of magnitude bigger” according to an author of the study, allows for a much more thorough analysis than ever before, helping the authors produce a detailed geographical map of ancestry in the United States. Three major population groups considered in the study: African-Americans, European Americans and Latinos.

Broadly, the genomic analysis found that on an average the African American genome was 73.2 percent African, 24 percent European and 0.8 percent Native American. Latinos as expected had significantly more Native American ancestry with the average Latino genome being 18 percent Native American, 65.1 percent European and 6.2 percent African.

With respect to European Americans, the percentages are much more different than African Americans or Latinos, with European American genomes being 98.6 percent European, 0.19 percent African and 0.18 percent Native American. In general, the numbers seem to agree with what one would expect given the history of American colonization by Europeans and their interactions with African and Native Americans.

What genetics is showing is that in fact white Americans are shockingly European to an incredibly high degree for a population with roots on this continent for 400 years.

…whiteness in modern America turns out to be not very murky at all. These findings of 0.19 percent black and 0.18 percent American Indian are tiny numbers.

Think about your family tree back nine generations ago, which would mostly be in the 1700s. You have 512 slots in your family tree nine generations ago (two to the ninth power). The 23andMe numbers suggest that for the average white American, 1 of your 512 ancestors nine generations ago was black and 1 of 512 was Native American.[/quote]

They could just have arisen naturally, as part of the slow condensation from unified source, into manifest matter.

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Btw one thing I encountered and has been mentioned going back centuries is the concept of angelic choirs - if angels are partially a harmonic of creation slowly settling from unmanifest to manifest, the purity of that harmony would fit both ways.

Imagine having a never-ending snowfall, it lands, becomes more dense, forms glaciers, they creak and settle steadily emitting a specific clear tone…

I don’t know, a bit of a reach with metaphors, because it seems the angels willingly sing or make their harmony, but it has come up a lot as an image of how they do what they do, and the one time I heard Raphael speak to other spirits, it sounded like a cross between a classical harp and birdsong, whereas demonic tongues in enns often sound like (intentionally?) slurred Enochian mixed with bastardised human words.