Why are countries that worship powerful Gods 3rd world?

Haiti worship the Loa and India worship Hindu Gods.

The Loa are even more powerful than the Hindu Gods.

So why would countries that worship these Gods poor and undeveloped?


In my Gnosis:

  1. The Leaders either don’t give a fuck about the People, or they hoard the power to keep themselves rich.

Just because the people worship a Deity or pantheon, doesn’t mean the leaders do or even remotely feel the same.

Take for Example Carl Marx:

“Religion is the Opiate of the people.”
-Carl Marx

  1. Religion and Economic Stability don’t always go hand and hand. One must be sacrificed for the other. This is why, for example, Church and State was kept seperate.

(In America, a first world country, nobody truly gives a fuck about religion here which is why it is almost never mentioned in the higher positions of power.

We give a fuck about Money, Military might, and Technological Advancement. That’s why we have advanced thus far.

Religion did not bring about any if these! :joy:)

Times are not the fucking same anymore.

In Rome, the Leaders would go to the Temple of Jupiter to do rituals and the financial success of the city was assured. For damn near ages.

People go to their Temples not for their countries, but themselves. Which is a good thing. The Happiness of one takes precedence over the happiness of them all in this case.

But their pre occupation with their deities and their own needs blinds them from the fact that the Nation is dying.


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My belief would be it’s the same reason why Bible Belt states are poorer than states that pursue secular capitalism. Christianity demands the service and worship with your own life being sacrificed on its altar. Secular capitalism may also be a pretty cruel altar itself, but it all but demands you use it for your own ends.

It’s worship and service, and seeing your reality as being created by the whims of the Loa or Hindu gods verses trying to create your reality as you will it and working with the Loa or Hindu pantheon to aid your own goals.

Also, many of these communities shut out science. Science may not have a full picture of reality, but it’s a poor man that doesn’t use tools available when they would aid him.


conquers Athens
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Seperate the fcking church from the state and many of us will build a monument in your honour! :smirk:


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Constant war between us and them for years now!


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As EA says in The Spider and The Green Butterfly, a better question to ask is, what is holding the country of Haiti together against the forces of oppression, imperialism, and more natural disasters than seems statistically reasonable?


It’s a technology and economy thing. Third world countries have less money and their technology, medicine etc. would not be “up to date” as a first world country’s.

The cause could be a number of things. It could be a case of government officials keeping the tax income for themselves and not spending it on anything related to their country. It could also be countries getting screwed over by other countries so badly that they weren’t able to have a proper economy.

Just because one religion is dominant in a country, it doesn’t automatically mean that country is rich and powerful.

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And then blow all that money on slave labor and military advancements (among other things), which became one of the leading causes of the Empire’s downfall.


I don’t think there’s much of a correlation between the two at all because politics is not that simple, especially world politics (which goes deeper than we can know).

Now, as a Haitian, I can tell you that the country is “third world” because they want it to be, whomever “they” are. Although, the island in general, though rich in natural resources, is literally another dimension.

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If we are saying that there is correlation, and I’m not sure that there is, then I would suggest that the more magicians there are in a society of any real power the more that society will break down. Just due to the fact that individuals rarely have the same desired outcomes. Usually these practitioners are loners, and their desires run counter to those of others, so their drives act in conflict to some extent and the social fabric is what takes most of the blunt.

Say we have two magicians, they both want their sons to be happy and rich, there are only so many industries that they can take over and only so much wealth etc. Plus those sons might be incompetent. So others who might have earned their place through skill get pushed out for those that got it through evocation, money and resources are hoarded by a select few, the economy is damaged. Now imagine that for love, money, power, political events.

On the other hand, you can also see how things go when magicians cooperate on a large scale. For reference there is the Chapati Rebellion in India which caused the Siege of Delhi. In it, the village night watchmen would run to other villages and hand off chapti flat bread to the others and place them in their turbans, this was a kind of signal (or mymetic spell if you will) whereby the effect spread exponentially as more bread changed hands. It eventually spread across several major provinces and resulted in a massive uprising which killed over a thousand British regulars that were stationed in the city. On the other hand, it also resulted in a final annihilation of the Mughal Empire and the deaths of over five thousand Indians.

So in this example, we can see two sides of the coin. The first part worked well, people were roused in great numbers in unified purpose, but the follow through failed because lots of people hated the Mughals (Muslims) as much or more than the British.

Perhaps spirituality and materialism aren’t mutually exclusive ?

Because they worship and serve these powers instead of claiming their own. They are basically slaves to these entities many of which are quite capricious and do not care for much of basic human needs and desires beyond what is needed to maintain their power base.
Many are very far removed from human understanding and these people devote their lives in service to these beings rather than their own power and development. It is the same flaw as relying too heavily on evocation and external entities. You end up with nothing if your own that is not granted to you and all the power you have comes from these beings and you end up owing them big time and bound to them unless you can balance the scales but few ever want to do that or extend the effort.

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This is a bit subjective though. Its assuming the west or “developed countries” are better off. And how do we measure power and success? And how do we know what we see on the news and read is really an accurate indication of how progressive a nation is.
If you took every developed country’s occupation out of those underdeveloped countries, I’d say that 3rd world countries would be successfully living their best, and most enlightened lives.

But I’m also biased, like everyone else is about their homeland, example- Africa, the dark continent, was just fine before the men on boats arrived…I often wonder if every coast was left undiscovered how powerful each nation would be :green_heart::wink:


The Loa have been spread out as slavery allowed for their worshippers to be sent around the world even here in 1st world countries. Their influence grew due to it albeit shitty situation.

Human error.