Why are certain times,materials,etc said to be required for evokation?

I’ve read and seen countless variations of times of day, materials (metals,herbs etc) as offerings, and candle color. How much credence is there to these- I mean say a given entity for cursing (for examples sake) one thing says one color but the most common school of thought would be black- just an example-so where do these times of day/year, offerings (metals, herbs, etc) and candle color preferences come from??

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Hope it’s okay to reply in here, not sure if this was addressed solely to E.A. but I’ll give it my best in the meantime - they come from the doctrine of signatures:

And the wider concept of the Law of Correspondences.

Here’s another page explaining this: theosophy.wiki:

The Law of Correspondences is based on an holographic model of the universe where the part reflects the whole. Also known as Law of Analogy, it postulates that the microcosm is the miniature copy of the macrocosm and therefore there exists a general correspondence between what is found “above” and “below”.”

Under those systems, various things relate to planetary and other forces, so you would use a plant under the signature of the planet, or some type of metal, or time of day, corresponding with the forces of that planet, to heal a specific thing, or add power to a spell.

There are many lists available online for this, Liber 777 by Crowley is often considered a definitive guide, and I believe at least some editions of that may be out of copyright, and available to view freely.

They’re useful to know and use to bring additional force where possible, but they’re about working with the forces of the manifest universe, so on some occasions they can be dispensed with and IMO they should never be allowed to BLOCK you from doing something that your intuition says to do NOW… :slight_smile:

Very useful. Thank you for the response. I absolutely suscribe to what your saying and not let said “requirements” hang things up. Maybe it’s on point maybe not but an example is I recently had a brief conversation through emails with another well renowned author/magician and the topic of sigils come up and I asked about the necessity of “parchment paper” and what not since let’s get real the only parchment paper a Joe blow like myself has acces to is the wax paper stuff at Walmart. Point is I was told to forget about the parchment and it didn’t matter if I drew it on a Mcdonalds napkin with an ink pen what was important is the energy and intent put into it. That was refreshing to her- especially since coming from one who co founded a online store and easily could’ve said I needed to buy this and that…

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That sounds really good, and yes, that person sounds like they care about the art rather than just making a quick buck by misleading you! :slight_smile:

I often like to use envelopes from things that have arrived in the mail, it feels “right” to me to do so - my working theory is that the purpose for which they were made has been spent, and they’re no longer tied to any cause or expectation, they’re kind of “free” but that is a bit wacky…

But, I use them a lot, and other times maybe buy parchment paper, linen-embossed card, or fancy handmade papers from places like Paperchase (Ebay probably does them as well) - it all depends on what I feel is best, and things like pressure of time and the outcome I want. :slight_smile:

At Staples and Office Depot they sell packs of parchment paper for stuff like diplomas/certificates and resumes. One pack is about $12.99 and depending on how you use it, should last a long time.

That is absolutely true. No matter what form a sigil is on as long as you consecrate it, meditate on it and put your intent and energy into it, it will work.

I see people with sigils as tattoos. It still doesn’t do them any good if there is no energy and intent in them. On the other hand, having something tattooed on your skin shows a certain level of commitment! In that case, that is energy and intent.

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Personally I find this time of day and month thing to be restrictive cluttering bullshit. I honestly don’t think a Demonic King is not going to visit a good conjurer if he-she ignores time based correspondence. Likewise if he-she is using any type of vapour or coloured candle. Having said it doesn’t hurt to get traditionally associated incense if you can get it.

For example I got hold of some dragon incense because I heard that King Paimon has an association. I was a newbie and he was pissed-off with me so he turned into a mighty dragon and got in my face. That type of incense probably helped with the communication.

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32 minutes in, correspondences not necessary IF you can get to Theta Gamma state anyway.

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