Why am I like this?

I’ve been only working with one spirit and refuse to work with angels in the name of Lucifer. For example I want to know more about Michael but I refuse to know more because I know Lucifer will know it. I just do it out of respect and I haven’t worked with angels since. I don’t know why I’m like this

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Why do you think Lucifer would even care?

Edit - about your working with angels.

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He says he respects it.
He can pretty much do everything, he’s an all rounder I ask him for everything. Oh and I don’t know I guess I should stay like this ??

Do what you feel, you’re not forced to work with other entities nor do they care if you do or don’t. It’s not an issue and no one can tell you why you do what you do.


Ok thanks I forgot that one completely …


Work with who you want to work with.


You don’t have to work with alot of entities, there’s no need to.

But if you want to, you should.
Demons and angels are not at war with each other.
Lucifer and Michael have no problem with each other.


no i don’t think lucifer has any problem with you working with angels.

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you can learn about other entities or demons or angels. knowledge is good. It still don’t mean you are working with them. It’s just gathering knowledge.


Fair point !

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:thinking: Lucifer is very good at referring you to the spirit you need! He doesn’t have any problem with you working with anything you want! He would give you a warning though if there is an issue to watch out for.


He is an allrounder isn’t he. Very powerful and alright thanks for the info!!


Yes but that doesn’t mean he will do it all for you! He likes to give others a chance to help you too!


It is really up to you whether or not you want to work with angels. For awhile, I was not really drawn to a majority of angels and mainly leaned towards demons. Now, I find myself in the position of working with both.

You could talk to Lucifer about it if you wish, but ultimately who you decide to work with is your choice, although he seems chill about it in general from what I have gathered

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While some spirits might not be compatible, if you’re working with Lucifer and have the urge to also contact Michael, chances are Lucifer already greenlighted it. So go ahead, just be respectful.

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I wouldn’t worry about it. Let the energy flow as it will and you will probably find out why it’s like this later on.