Why Am I Finding It So Hard To Soul Travel?

Okay, So I know that soul travel is the next step I need to take in my path, but I can’t seem to get it right. I’ve followed every guide I could find on here but I just can’t seem to project/eject my consciousness and vision. I meditate daily, I have a genuine belief and passion for magick, I followed the steps, why can’t I get it right? Any help would be appreciated.

Sincerely, A very frustrated magician


:thinking: for me it never happened when I wanted it to and worked hard on it! It only happened that I got out when I didn’t care to or didn’t even want to travel! I find myself out when I really need the sleep and can’t even bother… it’s annoying…
Try hating everything until you don’t even care if you do it or not! Sleep thinking you will wake up and all that magic stuff will just be another dream! :rofl: I get the wildest experiences when really I just don’t care anymore! And once I start getting excited bam nothing happens…


Try this it worked for me to enable myself to lucid dream, it may work with soul travel as well.

Look into a regular mirror, watch and stare at yourself for a few minutes and really connect with yourself - then tell yourself in the mirror that the next time you try and soul travel - you will and nothing will stop you.

I believe it can help promote your subconscious to allow you to let go and just do it.

Second to this;
I would try divination through tarot/scrying whatever method you use and see if you might have something such as an ancestor or spirit blocking you.