"Why?", a poem

“Why do I like to play mindgames so?
Do I feel unstable inside and crave control?
Being hurtful and mean to others is fine,
So long as there isn’t more to life than meets the eye.
Do I worry about money, and am working too hard?
Am I bored with my life, am I always on guard?
I need a guiding hand to set me on my path,
A God of benevolent healing, or destruction and wrath.
I should seek kindness and balance instead,
Wouldn’t it be a shame if I woke up dead?”

- Serior Fucelir Loslas

Posted this online for the narcissist I’m putting spells on, so he won’t deny my power :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah, the anagram at the end is for Rosier, Lucifer and Sallos. If I do scare the shit out of this guy, hopefully that won’t counteract the love spells. @bunny4cam