Whose sigil is this?

Hello, this sigil is from a Spanish movie Veronica (2017). Was this made up? The entity turns out to be malevolent.


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it looks like a bunch of goetics just shoved to gether i can be wrong but ive never heard of a rossiaxp


You may be right, I’m new to goetia, so looked in my Lemegeton book, could not find anything.

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yea they just dessacrated asmodeuses


Clearly seems to be the case.

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It just makes me so disgusted at the stupidity in the heads of some insulting movie directors.

The downright mumbling idiocy of some humans that don’t take our brothers and sisters’s power seriously and think: “OOH That’s a pretty art drawing! Let me mash it up together with something else so that i can make a contemporary drawing that i can use in my desecrating movie!”

And then they wonder why they experience a horrible and painful death…

True, let’s hope our director amigo is a staunch catholic.

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That is a variant sigil for Asmodai with the name circling it changed, and minor alterations, but I do not recall which grimoire it is from. Hollywood often changes fine details of daemon sigils when they make movies, most likely because they most certainly believe in and work with them.



I just watched the trailer of that movie and it just makes me laugh.

The stereotypes used in that one are wreaking with ignorance and: “Imma put this here in my movie because it sounds cool, deep and creepy.”

And the Hollywood directors that work with demons i’m pretty sure they do not make horror movies because those are made SPECIFICALLY to discourage the human from joining us and remaining as slaves of the troll god and of the system…

The Hollywood directors that work with demons will make movies like Doctor Strange and Thor.
Movies that would make you want to join the infernal kingdom not those horror buffs that make you wanna stay away from true power.

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Yes, the movie was bad… and very true how stories like this prevent people to explore things.


I’m pretty sure they made it like this so as to not insult the spirit. Many people have no idea of what a sigil is and the directors most have went a fine way to gather this.

So it could either be that they made the sigil like that so they wouldn’t get smited by Asmoday. Or perhaps because they wanted to make their own entity.

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True that…
It can be a possibility but from what my demons told me of this movie is that it is not the case here. The director that made this movie had no real interest or dedication to the occult and maybe does not even believe this things are real.

Most horror movie directors do not really believe demons and magic is real because if they did they would not make a HORROR movie!

If there is an occult practitioner there then he/she would know better than fucking around with real magic in a horror movie.

Making a horror movie and being a director that is well informed of magic and demons is kinda like knowing that if you stab yourself with the knife will kill you but you still do it anyway and you don’t even want to commit suicide but are hoping, instead, that this will make you immortal.

Why would they not? Horror can be quite exciting.

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Because of the risks:

But if deals are made with said Entity it would not effect them. Could be there is a entity that would be delighted to be featured in a horror movie.

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True that also!.. Anyway lets stop here because we derailed this topic into oblivion…

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Oblivion…? THIS IS BALG! (pushes some random dude down a dark hole).

Anyways, I thought that was pretty relevant to this topic. But yeah, all has been said.

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I’m still dying here HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Fuck that was a good one bro!

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I also disagree with exploit of the occult in movies, books etc., although I’ve read that sometimes the Spirits owns/rides this “trend”. BTW even more disappointing is when someone says e.g. “Really? There is people thinking that demonology is something more than a good inspiration for RPGs?” :unamused:

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