Whose is the symbol?

Anybody know who this symbol is connected to?
It was red and yellow in my vision, stamped accross my eyes.

I was showed it last night by a spirit who entered my dream. Confirmed it was real afterwards with my spirits but apparently I have to go researching to know who it is.

I’m assuming it may be connected to someone who is in or connected to the celtic Pantheon…


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This resembles the Hand of Miriam, aka Fatima hand. Some use it in cross form as an apotropaic talisman.


Yes the similarity with that struck me. However, the picture isn’t very accurate but sort of close enough to search with.

There was a lot of red and yellow and the spirit said that it’s a secret sign not known among men. I’m assuming some magicians may have an idea what it could be. But I think it’s not the fatima hand.

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No, probably not. The hand of Miriam is what it is called in Judaism. Interestingly enough, here is another Judaic-based talisman with lots of red and yellow.


A version of the rose cross. Not suggesting anything one way or another, I just found the cross form and colors interesting.

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Hmmm. I’m unsure about that one. (not saying it isn’t, doesn’t feel like it’s resonant with that system/culture.)

Looks like a hamsa hand, though. Maybe look into the Hindu/eastern cultures?

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Yeah I’ve found this quite confusing. It is not at all consistent with any celtic themes that I have seen. But at the same time, all the spirits around me currently are from the celtic pantheon and aren’t very fond at all of spirits and Gods from other currents.

Mind you, lately I’ve been given hints and signs about different Gods of some currents who are also of the celtic current under a different mask. Could be another bread crumb leading to something similar.