Who's worked with Belphegor?


Hey everyone,

I’m in dire need of a salary increase and a decrease in work hours. Like immediately. I’m about to use S. Connely’s “Sex, Money & Power” to call on Belphegor to help me out.

Who here has worked with Belphegor and even better, who here has used her book to work with him/her?


He had quiet energy.


Thank you Kulina.

How did you work with him? What method did you use and what did you call on him for?


I only called on him for intro and aspects. He was a referral. I’d have to look back on my notes for that encounter…it’s been several months. I did see some improvements to my $ situation though.


I work with him lots of times on Sex, pleasure and lust. He has affinity with riches and glamour too. He is great.


Thank you @Kulina8

@Rav thank you as well. What did you do to work with him? Could you outline it step by step? It would help me a great deal.


Through the Qliphothic sphere, Belphegor is the ruler of Togaririm also called Tagirion in some books. Is the ruler of the Black Sun, Sol Nigrantis. His candle is Green, his enn is: Lyan Ramec Catya Ganen Belphegore. And with his sigil. :wink:


Thanks again. I’m ready to take the leap. Will let everyone know how it goes.


I have work whit him, now not being noise, but why him. ?He work fast but only if u have big projects, see money will come whit work ideas, but also laziness, hes a spirt if brain
Mental job who fllod u whit a lot of great ideas, i did the easy step. A white candle, call belphegir in a knee, down. Looking down 25 times and then ask my peticion. After tat, i say i will praise u name etc. He may like you .he lyk whit days. Or 2 weeks. Now increase money and not hours,? Weird. Bcse i work 2 partimes, and i get pay good, bit if you want to got big. I sugest friend a few spirtrts too,u will surprise howthings get in place, for good


Thank you Zorrito.

I need a spirit that works quick because I need to turn my financial situation around quickly. I definitely need a couple thousand dollars to come my way quickly but I also need a more long term change to my financial situation.

What I really wanted to use him for was to obtain a job I took an exam for about 2 years ago. It’s a very competitive position and I’m on a waiting list that is in the thousands. I don’t have time to wait. I want to be bumped up to the top of the list and I want an immediate offer. I figured maybe I should petition him to make that happen using the ritual with him that is in S. Connelly’s “Money, Sex & Power” book.


Well. If u got tat book, work. On it. I did the unholy rites church. Its a amazon kindle. By caselius, easy spell. Goid luck


Being that Belphegor was the spirit that brought me back into magick and guided me towards Lucifer, you’d think I would have worked with him like that way extensively. I’ve actually been doing some real interesting work and initiation with Belphegor lately but have not fully explored his monetary aspects. What I have worked with that is usually associated with his “wealth and prosperity” abilities is that of finding hidden things and giving inventive ideas. These both will help in obtaining wealth but they’re like “doors” to walk through rather than giving free money (which I know he can do). So financial stability and success with business or inventions is mainly where that will lead you. He also reveals hidden mysteries as well as lost money or finding items of value. But if I understand you correctly you need an increase like very soon. You could also use a host of spirits to build “prosperity” front:

  1. Buné for some quick cash to get you by while waiting for the salary increase
  2. Viné to remove obstacles
  3. Belphegor for on the job inspiration to make you appear more valuable as an employee
  4. King Paimon for manipulation of upper management and HR to force your will of a salary increase
  5. Belial for manipulation of the institution or company you’re apart of to either change policies or contracts that may prevent a salary increase

Of course, these are all just suggestions and may not be necessary. Further research of each spirit will determine if they’re right for you.


Thanks for the responses everyone.

I’ve taken your suggestions into consideration. I have worked with Bune and Vine, both with favorable outcomes so I will re-think my strategy here.

I also want to especially thank you because I found another demon I’ll be working with for my most ambitious operation yet and I wouldn’t have even considered them without your suggestions so thank you immensely.


No problem! Glad I could help :crystal_ball:


I used that spell from the same book, when I was trying to get my start as a web developer strait out of a tech boot camp and was running against the “need more professional experience, but no one is willing to give you experience” dilemma.

Belphegor got my foot in the door to a job real quick. Nice guy/girl.

Did the same for one of the roommates in a similar situation (with their permission and cooperation). Again worked well.


Thanks Azmolial.

How long did it take for you to get the job?


For my friend, a little over a week. For my thing it was only a few days. Though I would preface that statement with, I already had a few irons in the fire. My resume was dispersed amoung Recuiter’s there just wasn’t any meaningful bites bites yet, good matches being thrown my way for my tech skill range, nor anyone willing to take a chance on an up and coming developer. It was starting to drag on, I was getting progressively worried, and starting to feel discouraged at the near wrote “keep calm and carry on” advice from constituents and “Right Hand path” advisors.

I had met Belphegor a couple of times before to sate my curiosity, but my working was the first time for business. I evoked him, explained the situation, pleaded my case, and did the ritual as outlined from the book. If would continue to give offerings once per week while I had that job.

Upon questioning about the process and method, Belphegor said that they did not “pull it out of thin air, but just connected the ‘right dots’ to provide the ‘right conditions’ for the ‘right opportunities’ to fall into place. Some may say it’s the ‘lazy or slothful’ approach (poking fun at his dubious title) but I would say it’s the energy efficient or path of least resistance approach.”

I would recommend reading up and talking a bit with Belphegor before working with them.


That’s awesome.

How did you go about talking to them and evoking them prior to using the spell in the book?


Reading up ahead of time, trying to find more information about them, inspirational art and stories, to build report In my psyche.
If you want you can also try to find and buy Belphegor merchandise online.
Then make your ritual space (circle and etc.), find/draw/meditate Belphegor’s sigil, chant thier Enn (I aim for at least a mala’s worth 104), anything else that strikes your fancy or inspiration. Then call out to Belphegor.
The more energy and intention you put into the process the greater the output, and great ease for them to notice and put thier attention on you.