Who's verve is this?



Hey everyone, I recently got a copy of N.’. S.’. and it came with a bookmark signed by dante with a verve on it. I have no real knowledge in this area of the occult and was wondering if anyone knew the answer to the question in the title?
Edit: Pic removed. Please disregard this post.


Picture ain’t showing up.


Thank you for catching that. :slight_smile:


Looks a little like legbas. Might not be though.


Its weird that this symbol is not in the book itself. Thank you for the help in narrowing down the search. :slight_smile:


Papa Legba, would look like this:

The Image you’ve gotten as a bookmark is a personal familiar for you and only yourself.
You’re not supposed to share that sigil.

There was actually an anouncement back then,
that those specific Spirit’s are given to a specific amount of costumers,
and will not be given to the public at all.

Besides that, yes it looks like a vodoun spirit so look at the sigils given in the grimoire for vodoun spirits.
Read what’s presented there,
and evoke the Sigil on the Bookmark.




Thank you for the information. Should I take this pic down? Also I am hesitant to open it as voodoo is not something I have studied. I got the book second hand I remember on the video that ea said the veves would be a personal one that I needed but I figured that was for the original buyer of the book.


secound hand,
means the sigil on the cover has been used by the first buyer propably.
If you can, ask him about it.
If not,
I’d work through the book,
and decide afterwards,
if you want to add the one on the bookmark.
I’d definately be careful on the first evokation of it,
since it may be in service of another Sorcerer.

If so, explain that you’re the next student of the book and ask for permission to work with the Entity.
I’d be interested in a PM how it worked out. :wink:




Thank you for the advice :slight_smile: . :confused: my mind is all over the place atm. I removed the pic and will do as you suggested.