Who's the magi that died of cancer?

Who’s the magician who was found to be a fraud who died of cancer recently it was in the forum?

what do U mean by fraud ? There are inepts, and there are mediocre s here . Was he/she selling some product here? and was found to be fraud?

I’m mediocre. I don’t try to sell my services, because I know I’m not that good at it.

He died of cancer like 4 months ago. Everyone on the forum was saying he was a famous well known magician but he couldnt heal himself etc etc

I don’t recall, seems a bit rude?

And in poor taste, especially if he had surviving loved ones/family.


The only magician I know of who died of cancer and whose death was discussed on the forum was Donald Michael Craig, but it was in 2014, and he certainly wasn’t a fraud.


Honestly don’t remember that…sounds kinda assholeish. Cancer and disease in general can take down the strongest bodies and there’s very little even most adepts can do to stop it. Not impossible, but healing yourself can be harder than healing others and not everyone’s talents lay in healing to begin with.


Raven grimasi died, a few months ago,?

Cancer is a disease that comes from deep resentment. Angry and anger that has been repressed and not expressed. The anger that has been held for years in the developing interior grows and eats the body from within.
Forgiveness to the person who caused the injury that caused this anger erases the anger and resentment with them and with them the cancer dissipates.
That’s why it’s so important to dance, not for bastards who hurt but for ourselves to heal
Let’s take breast cancer … Women always say that women who have breast cancer who died were better than angels with a golden heart. What is true. The chest symbolizes nourishment and giving … Now they did not know how to say to people around them and gave and gave of themselves, Until they run out of power and then the anger comes into play because they feel exploited and right. In men it creates prostate cancer for the same reason. That’s why it’s so important to be estranged and to set limits and not to be exploited.


That’s why evil witches should laugh a lot, have lots of fun, Do daily blackmagic and if confronted with idiots quickly throw deathcurses in order to keep resentment away