Whos right and whose wrong

I have come back from my isolation for a little, because I am quite confused. The situation is that I paid someone here on this site, (someone well respected though I will not reveal the name because I do not think that he would want that). I invested a lot of money and naturally I wanted to find out if it will work. I got several readings over the last couple of weeks. I have 2 saying no, I have 5 saying yes… 2 of which where really strong yeses that said that it would take place some time in September or October… I don’t know what to think at this point. I don’t understand how some could be strongly no, yet other being strongly yes?

I’d say you respect the simple rule of magick that stays that the more you think about a spell you’ve casted / have people done for you, the more strength you sap from it.

I would suggest you do not think about it until it happens. I know it is hard, but when I get those problems with anxiety? Games man, games. They alleviate the pressure.

If not, you can use Koetting’s all poweful sandwich method :smiley:

Whatever it was, good luck man!

How can one divine that which has not already been decided? If not the river flow of energy in motion had, there be nothing for to be read!

It may be over all that the divine castings have not stayed true for the paths lain out has swerved. With not your own internal strength, without personal power, doubt may wretch asunder all desire and leave you out for dead.

It is with YOU that the fates are held, no man nor she may truly know unless within it is already been! Make use of time that does not flow and be in the real you wish to know. As all things are and come to pass, but only so as we hold them real.

The doubt within uncertainty with you is a fortress of fetters. They bind and restrict your intention, your will. If you find you cannot shed these states of fear they will ever hold you. Deep breaths and release. Life is not a challenge overcome, but a river followed. With a mind without a fear, all desires manifest.

This is your reality, it is your universe. You are the only being within your walls who defines what is within it.