Who's Responsible for What?

Satan is once again blamed for the actions of others. Many are now blaming the actions of ISIL (literally roasting people) on Satan.

The latest (very graphic pictures):

Have people forgotten how some Christians used to set people ablaze at the stake? Was it Satan’s doing, then?

What about taking responsibility? The actions of radical Muslims are just that; actions of radicals, not actions of Satanists. Islam, radical or not, is in complete opposition to Satan (or Shaytan/Iblis/Dajjal), and blaming the latter for acts of terror is avoiding responsibility, once again.

Satanism is mostly about responsibility, not lack of sense.

A lot of people conflate “Satan” with anything they don’t like, so it’s natural they’ll say this, it’s like saying “hoovering” when you mean vacuum-cleaning or something.

Muslims killing other Muslims is their own business, and nobody’s raised much of a fuss about the dozen women A DAY who die in kitchen fires, that are suspected to be intentional.

Most of these are Hindus, y’know - those lovely peaceful folk westerners think have all the answers on how to be spiritual and enlightened. lol!!

That’s the crux, right there. Evil doesn’t exist in the Multiverse, it exists within us. We, as a species, refuse to believe that. The solution? Blame it all on a supernatural being with the ability to “make us do those things”. That way, humans don’t have to face the reality that we’re pretty fucked up. It’s a handy-dandy way of avoiding responsibility.

hi yet again, eva!

I used to believe all that stuff about indians (as in india) having the answers and all the wisdom of the world when I was younger. now I know better.

the truth is, no one has all the answers. it’s like when you’re a little kid and you think how smart adults are and how they must know simply EVERY thing. then you grow up and realize – even though you’re now an adult, you don’t know shit.

and neither does any one else. that’s why we’re all searching, all wondering, and why some of us at least, practice magic and seek to commune with the spirits.

but then again, if all these spirits were once as us, why should they know any thing more than we? how does dying and leaving one’s body impart one with great wisdom and every answer in the book? may be spirits don’t know jack shit either – they just make like they do. ; D

You can only judge them by results, which is what I do, and why I place faith in certain spirits…