Whos in Contact with sastan

Can someone ask sastan help me to open my ability to open up his and other spirit sigil?

It doesn’t work that way.

Part of having Sastan work with you, is opening his seal yourself and projecting your intent.

Get into trance, and meditate on his seal. Do it every day. Don’t “try” to open his seal, just gaze at it in a relaxed way, and hold in your mind the intention of having him help develop your senses.


Which seal do you use? I know he has quite a few sigils people claim to get different aspects from

No, there is only one seal for SASTAN and it is found in EA’s grimoire, Kingdoms of Flame.

I think you might be thinking of SATAN, which is completely different from the spirit the OP is asking about.

My dyslexic ass actually read that as satan, my bad


No worries, man. It happens. We all misread things sometimes.