Whos been throwing hex on Hillary?



for those of us in this community it should be obvious, and my own divination confirms this, this is the effect of magical attack. and not the first one, according to the secret service and BILL Clinton.

this woman has been going through seizures, collapses, fits of great emotional instability, a lingering cough, and general fatigue (only speaks 25 minutes MAX often times for less) for the past year or so.

when looking into Hillary, my skrying has revealed the choruses of the angels are singing her death and calling her soul home.

her soul has been ripped to bits and she is running out of time. whoever this magician is they’re a brutal motherfucker. the wounds i saw in her man… enough to make someone who generally doesn’t like her (ME) HONESTLY feel sorry for her.

if i were her i would just kill myself, at this point…if a demon sneezed at her she might die right now. her entire sphere of influence has been broken down… she cant recover or heal, she is entirely vulnerable. there are magus around her trying to cast protections and deflecting what they can, but the universe is set against her.

I AM THOROUGHLY IMPRESSED with the magician that’s been fucking her up. shes been broken, her friends cant help her anymore, and a VAST majority of the angels working to make her die. this is the perfect set up to kill someone. all that’s left is the FINAL BLOW, and i have a feeling that its going to be spectacular.

whoever you are, rouge magician i salute you. keep it up and prove to us all what is possible with the power of ourselves alone.

I caught the footage of her collapsing and damn, she did look REALLY fucked, in just about every way.

Now, it almost physically pains me to do this, but I have to lock this thread (much as it delights me to read), because of this:

I’m so enthused about magick to manipulate world events, but we can’t risk someone speaking out of turn, and giving this warped harpy and her thought-police accolytes any grounds to stir shit.

Sorry WiseMan! :slight_smile: