Whom should I evoke for success in studies?

I’m beginning a new course and I very much need help with memorization and focus. Which entity would be best for success with this?


Ophiel the olimpic spirit of Mercury


What’s the subject?

You might consider calling upon the Hindu deity, Saraswati.

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Try Lucifuge or Thoth.

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Idk but aren’t they too much for a beginner?

Saraswati and Athena are the two who’ve given me the best results in studies

King Paimon is the most Powerful, Dark Ascended Master 2work with for Academic Success. As 1 of the 4 Kings, he is top Lord of Studies. imo.
He exceeds expectations in Intellect, Knowledge, & Sacred Excellence. Read abt this King 1st, shld u choose, & he may decide 2teach u. He is known 2show up for those who are serious & ‘polite’, etiquette is a major thing for him…
& like Duke Sallos he is known 2form relationships w/ppl giving knowledge @his Will & on a Whim.
A Bond w/him usually isn’t a 1time thing. It’s Consistent Learning w/this Lord &
He is Amazing. Good Luck 2U :candle::memo:

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You can ask archangel Jophiel or Dina ( another name of Jophiel)who works close with Metatron
Or if it’s medicine i suggest archangel Raphael

Best of wishes

Stolas, Mephistopheles, King Paimon, any of the Goetian spirits said to teach liberal arts or arithmetics.

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Evoke your own brain and ask it for its assistance.

Only if you believe that.

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Thanks for the non-answer :roll_eyes:

Thats actually the most powerful spirit that you can evoke in those regards but okay. I let your self imposed prison of grimoire spirits dictate your choices.


I personally had great and almost instant success with Uriel, who have a power of “understanding essential knowledge”, and Metatron and his power “to learn unusual knowledge with ease”. What I did was sigil rituals from Archangels of Magick cast one after another in the same magickal “session”.

I did this twice - for a friend and a stranger, and it worked both times. Don’t know about stranger much except that it helped, but friend reported that the moment ritual was done she had an urge to go study, and in 1 night she learned more computer science than she did in many months before. But most importantly - she started to UNDERSTAND what she learn, all the knowledge became a part of a logical and obvious picture instead of some “magic words” (w/o “k”) so the process was much, much easier for her.

It was done 16.09.2020. Effect is still there and still powerful. Last exams she passed with top grades, and before she struggled to pass and not get kicked out at all.

I hope this experience will be helpful to you. Best of luck!

Thank you! I will look into Uriel!

King Paimon, and maybe Archangel Camael

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