Or really, who is in the process.

Just about a week ago that thread about the Ukranian dictator appears, and now the U.S. is apparently contemplating war with Russia.

So either one of us decided to just do it, or someone REAL strong strolled on by and decided “oh look, that seems like it could be fun”.

So, whodunnit?

EDIT: I didn’t even have my information straight. It seems Russia will be heading to the Ukraine. A recent video uploaded portrays quite a force of Russian helicopters heading in that direction, packing some serious firepower. So, whodunnit?

I think 'tis just the season… humans love war, we have a set-point for fear, aggression and misery and since the wars in the Middle East have kinda fizzled, due in part to the fact that no invading army has ever being able to defeat the Afghan people throughout recorded history, it had to break out somewhere else.

I’m not being flippant, I just genuinely think the mass of our species is about as insightful and free-willed as one of these things:

I think the average human being is as insightful and free-willed as a salmon, personally. But that’s just me.

If this IS the season for war, then a lot of energy will be generated. Open season on that bloody energy, everyone, grab your hunting gear!

Wars are orquestrated by Global Elite.

They’re sacrifices.

I HAVE NO PROOF anyway, but that is what I think.