Who/what is Ahriman

As I have mentioned before in my previous topics I am not an advanced magickian at all but even though I’m not advanced the way Ahriman’s energy feels to me is so strange for me I mean I haven’t felt anything like that from any other entities…

For example how strong his energy feels…NO entity feels like that to me

I don’t know maybe this is because I don’t have much experience but still I’m curious to know what he is

Demon,god,Angel,Jinn what ?


There are MANY videos which where created to explain this within the BALG YouTube channel. I do not say this to be facetious but if people are going to deal with Ahriman in ANY way… then initiative and the desire to dig deep within self is VERY important.

However to give you a break, which honestly is deserved by many but not all, especially when the said people are new to magick, I will briefly answer this to give you an idea of the answer.

Ahriman is the Antithesis of the Sun, or Ahura Mazda to the Zarathustrian’s of Persia. He is the Black Sun. If Ahura Mazda’s light is responsible for chemical reactions which sustain this physical existence then Ahriman is responsible for AL-chemical reactions which are conducive to change and evilution.

Ahriman is a God. Not just according to me based on any bias as the author of BMoA. This is not a matter of calling modern demons ancient Gods out of preference… no matter how true this may be. Zarathustra stated this himself calling these forces the GODS of “bad decision”.

I would take some time to watch the many videos produced to help introduce BALG clients and magickians to this lore in an in depth way. Be well and may you be empowered upon your journey of becoming.


His presence is very intense yes and it feels like a virus sort of? Like discomforting and infecting. Funny thing, he did not like the lights to be on in his altar room and often when I went down into the basement to visit him or go in that room I got the impression of like hundreds and thousands of serpents and random vermin slithering around and making noise, biting at me or scratching as they cleared reluctantly out of my path. Used fire/a lighter to get them to back away but it fed some of them.

Once I came home and went to take a shower and a strange manifestation of a boy I would normally like with features I idealize joined me and tempted me into coming into the basement. He felt eerily familiar yet I did not recognize him at all. “Come to the basement and find out who I am,” he said. I was like k aight… went down n the light was on. He just wanted me to turn it off. I’ve never had something do that before LOL