Who was this spirit? My succubus?

So yesterday morning I was laying in my bed when my lower back started to vibrate and then I suddenly was somewhere else while conscious. (Astral projection?)

So after that I was in this void of darkness when I suddenly felt a woman kiss me.
I felt her pressing me against her chest and I felt peaceful. I then started to see her;

Her skin was like a dark yellow.
Her hair was a sort of brown and was fairly long.
Her eyes were glowing white
She had a line of red paint under both her eyes and a red dot on her forehead.

She then started to hug me and spread her legs when I felt a rush of sexual energy.
I didn’t want to have sex with her because I wasn’t sure if it was my succubus…
It was hard to decline but I wanted to know who i was dealing with.
After that I was awake again wondering who that was…

Do the description of the spirit ring a bell by any chance?
Any thoughts? Questions?


The next morning I was laying in bed and this time I felt someone crawl on me and lick my neck but. I think it was a female but she looked like a shadow I didn’t feel any hostility

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