Who was it?


I awoke recently to feeling someone having their way with me sexually. When I came awake, the sex stopped. I would like to repeat the experience again yet I am suspicious of the origin of this ? entity? I have only evoked the angelic, so this experience surprised me but I am very sexually natured and open to sex for the sake of sex itself. Do you have any suggestions how I could repeat this experience?



Various entities could be responsible for this, especially if you are constantly having repressed sexual feelings and are a magician. You could summon belial or Lilith for this if you wanted it to happen again.


Yeah… Belial likes the ladies…


Could have been an incubus. I’ve had this experience twice in my teens. I had a very vivid ‘dream’ that an attractive blond guy was making love to me. In the process of waking up I felt extremely aroused with the distinct feeling that some entity was lying heavily on top of me, making it hard to breathe. When I woke up fully, I sat up and it disappeared. The second time I literally felt like I was going to suffocate and had to mentally struggle myself to consciousness to be able to gasp for air.


Thanks, yes I want it to occur again and will summon Belial. Thanks, and I will look up what an incubus is.


good luck with this :slight_smile:


I wonder if EA ever reads these posts? Someone suggested to me its a egregore. EA has known me for as long time, he would know if I was capable of producing an egregore. Others have suggested soul traveling as well, which I have practiced a very long time.



Hello Veronika,

In his newsletter E.A. points out, that he reads the posts and he likes the
quality of them.

An egregore is a group mind and you sure can build one with others .

We all have sexual dreams, to bad they all stop to early. Once I met a dream magician,
he has controll over his own dreams and he can come in your dreams.

A dream magican can find out for sure, who gives you such a good time.


Advanced psychic vampires can enter your dreams