Who to work with to help In love?

Hey, I’ve been wondering on who to work with for matters of love, I really desire for this girl to fall deeply in love with me, we’re not even close friends, Ive felt a calling but can’t make out any names or images, I’ve been wondering wondering I should work with King Beleth, Any suggestions and any help will be deeply appreciated.
I need a spirit who could help out with love and fidelity.
Thanks guys!

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It all depends on if you’re looking to force love, or if you want to coax love to develop naturally.

Demons can force love, but it will not last, especially if the person have no natural interest in you. Once their will reasserts itself, they will leave.

Saspu and Tul, Angels from the grimoire Kingdoms of Flame, would be more appropriate it you are looking to develop a love that will last.

Also, I agree with the above link. Make yourself someone they will be attracted to.


Also, please introduce yourself to the forum. It is one of the rules, and I see that you joined us on the 4th but haven’t done so yet.

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Thanks, I know that she already finds me attractive but I really need it to last as long as possible, I know how to maintain a healthy relationship but all I need is a boost. What would you recommend in this instance? & Thanks again!

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Oh lol I tried to upload a pic of myself and wrote a little bout myself, what else do I need to do to introduce myself?


To Win the Love of a Woman
(chant the following three times over an apple or a pomegranate; give the fruit to the
woman to drink of the juices, and she will surely come to you.)

Ishtar tends not to do something for nothing so bring an offering along for her, semen has the connotation of life, both your own life force and the life force of all the potential children in there, blood is preferred though but still. while you’re offering, you should to offer all your love for her now and in the future to Ishtar and she’ll have motivation to make it last, have that focus of offering your love while you’re chanting as well to facilitate the ritual.

You just need them to take a bite of the apple or pomegranate (pomegranate works better usually)


I see you did that in your profile, but not in the Introduction thread. Just go to that thread and tell the forum a little about yourself, such as what kind of magick you like, and what brought you here.

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I would recommend working with Saspu, The Angel of Love and Friendship, from Kingdoms of Flame, as his power is to bring love and friendship into the life of the magician.

If you don’t have a copy of the grimoire, then please search the forum. I have posted his sigil in another thread.


Thanks but since we’re not really friends I don’t think she’ll take a bite. Thank you for the suggestion though

Ah thank you! I’ve always felt a connection to angels, & what offerings will saspu accept and like?

No offerings are required, but when you open his sigil, you can ask him if there is something he would like in exchange.

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Be aware that Saspu will not perform any form of mind control or coercion, but will help love develop naturally.

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Will Saspu give me a kickstart to my romantic relationship with her? Because we have had a lot of downs in our relationship, or should I work with a demon who would force love? To boost our relationship, but then working with Saspu to maintain and keep the relationship ?

All I can advise is to ask Saspu about the situation. He may have some ideas about what you should do, since love and friendship are his specialties. He most likely will have a good idea about the relationship.

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Thanks again! How do I summon him?

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Open his sigil:

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I think you should work with Sallos, he’s the man for relationships. I’d also suggest making a honey jar for your target, they’re slow moving but work very well.

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Thank you, I will start working with Saspu, Sallos, And King beleth. Hopefully they won’t mind and I intend on this relationship lasting as long as possible. By the way do Sallos and Beleth keep the relationship lasting as long as possible? Because I know they force love.


use Honey jar Video which a worker named Balthazar uploaded on YouTube.

it uses honey jar and pentacles of venus.

that should do everything you are looking for