Who to work with to deal with a difficult situation

What and who to work with when dealing with a complex difficult situation and the people are still walking freely and justice still hasn’t been served. The group of people have lied and done illegal activity and have gotten away with everything. No one is doing anything because they are white and racist and give them a free ride.

Basically any entity who stands for justice or balance.
Because I work mainly with angels I recommend the Archangel Michael.

I usually work with him but is he able to assist quickly because I worked with angels in the past and still no results.

Not saying he will but he can.
What do you mean you usually work with him when you say you haven’t had success with angels ?

When I am doing any form of releasing anything that doesn’t serve me and protection work. He is a great angel but with this particular situation it’s very complex

That sounds like you don’t think he’s capable of solving your problem.
I’m not saying you have to work with him, it was just a recommendation. But there are few entities more powerful than Michael, he is basically capable of anything, and I have seen him bring people to justice.

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I believe in him it’s just that I’ve been waiting to long, how would I approach him again? Do you have a particular situation that I could do to help me?

I meant spell work

Hmm no I don’t really use spells with angels.

So just find a guided meditation to do with him regarding justice than?

There is not the one way to do it. You can do what you said, you can make an altar, you can light a candle, use his sigil, invoke him. Or simply talk to him.
I simply started talking with them back then. And they answered, with actions.

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Ok I see, I will do that. I feel like talking is another way as well to get situations answered. Thank you for your tips.

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