Who to evoke for healing on behalf of another person

Backstory: My mother, who is the most wonderful person I know, has been in crippling pain for the last 25+ years of her life. She was born with a cyst that was wrapped around her spinal cord (they think). Her health went downhill starting when I was around 12, back in the 90s. She had surgery to remove part of it in '94 after they discovered it, and it had crushed part of her vertebra. It didn’t help. She had fusion in '14. Still didn’t help much. The vertebrae above the fusion site are all completely out of whack. She’s been on narcotic drugs for decades, gets medical marijuana which just makes her sleep, and basically, she’s been told there’s nothing more they can do.

I’ve been reading up on evoking devils and demons. What I’ve read is more along the lines of improving one’s own health, but I haven’t seen anything about doing so on behalf of someone else.

My questions:

My mom is a pretty devout Christian. I am most definitely…not. Would evoking a demon or devil to help her interfere with her faith or prevent a devil/demon from assisting her? Could there be any unwanted effect on her?

Is there a specific demon or King to work with to help get this goal attained? I have some guidance on a chant/prayer/hymn to accomplish this, but it’s geared toward the individual, not someone else.

I just want to help her. She’ll be 65 this year, and she’s had nothing but a life of pain since her late 30s. She’s such a wonderful person, and I find it highly unfair that she’s been given this life of horrible pain.

If you read all this, thank you!


Why not call on Raphael? He shouldn’t care that you’re LHP, as I’ve interacted with him without issue. You could call upon Leviathan, if you want to stay Geotic.


Yeah if she rebukes Demons in the name of Christ, well it acts like a banishing. I’m sure they won’t harm her senselessly but you should try and form a relationship with them first. Keep in mind that this depends on how strong her faith is.

I’d strongly recommend Archangel Raphael instead. He helped me by healing a kid who was showing signs of a terrible head injury.


Thank you for replying! Since you’re the second person to recommend Raphael, I will dig into working with him and see if I can’t get some relief for my mom. She’s pretty solid in her Christian faith, so maybe demons/devils, even though I welcome them, may not be the best option for this particular situation.


Abilities of Demon Stolas: bring relief to a named individual suffering from chronic pain

Raphael: all rounded healer

Demons tend to perform with speed with near instant results, you would be lucky if Raphael performed with speed like a demon did. Angels always look to bring the highest good they can, which are one of the main reasons they bring slower results but while they are already working on it

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Thank you! I’m going to look into Stolas and see what I can find.

Not only calling upon them but I would look at all her bodies, especially energetic, emotional, mental and astral. I would remove this illness from all those bodies.

Along with sending her telepathic msgs like you are healed, pain free, etc because our „beliefs“ create our reality.

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Buer is a demon who deals in healing.

I would instead look at angelic powers tbh.

Raphael for general healing. For specific healing:

Mahasiah, to help cope with symptoms of long-term illness and in some cases, reverse them entirely.

Eladiah “has a reputation for helping people with bone and joint problems”. Can ease long-term or short-term illness.

You may also want to just in general spend some time each day picturing her in perfect health, hearing her say something aloud which confirms how great she feels, etc., and let yourself feel the joy and relief associated with that outcome.

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