Who to contact and some confusion over who’s who!

Hi there,

This is my first post excluding the intro when I first joined.
Well I’m very new to this and a little afraid of dipping my toe in the water.

Im not afraid to admit this.

I’m now at the point where I feel I’m grounded and strong enough to see about contacting for help and guidance. It would seem on reading other topics on the forums that you mostly seem very sure of whom to contact. ( on first attempt and so forth)
Do you just “know” who to contact, or is there a way in which you attempt to find out who is right for your character? I’m a little timid to stab in the dark to just find out but if that’s the way it is done then so be it! I wouldn’t have thought so though because you’re basically summoning after all. I don’t want to summon just anyone or anything. That’s as bad as kids messing about with ouija boards!

I’m In awe of those of you who have spoken to the higher entities and Lucifer. I wouldn’t be so brave to try, and assume they wouldnt want to guide me at this stage, ( like who the hell are you!?) , however I’m aware that I shouldnt do myself down either and have faith in my ability’s. I do, but I’m not arrogant about it. Hope this is making sense.

For me I’m not a ritual kinda girl and tend to be more about meditating, concentration and astral projection which is my forte. Never taught, just have always been able to do so.

I also have a real confusion over so many things I have read between the cross over between the conflicting views of Lucifer verses Satan.

One appears to be of help and assistance wanting us to better ourselves and have true knowledge and power and the latter… inherently very evil! I don’t want to summon the gates of hell to my door! However I thought originally he was part of one and the same entity but now in this world, I am in the mindset that this is not so.

I looked on the internet for info and all I find is a load of mumbo jumbo on Christian sites telling all about evil and Jesus being the savior etc etc …

Please someone enlighten me!

Many thanks in advance and sorry if these seem like stupid questions.


Have a look at the Lesser Key of Solomon with 72 deities listed this woukd give a snap shot of each demon and their abilities and attributes. Focus on knowledge or goals you are trying to achieve and see what would be a good fit.


Thank you!
Was hoping for some more answers on my thread but am going through other threads to pick up some answers. Things are starting to make more sense.
I’m someone who likes to I put a great deal of theory into something before charging in like a bull in a china shop!

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You won’t find that conflict on this forum, so everyone is going to tell you he’s awesome - use the search and see the appreciation threads for yourself. Assume it’s the former and we can talk to you about the details.

Why one? That’s like joining a new class at school or new company, and trying to pick only one person to make friends with… but pretty much everybody is worth talking to and can teach you something and is worth being freinds with - make lots of friends!

Try this: pick a type of LHP you’re drawn to, e.g. E.A’s style and approach- get a pathworking book (the Black Magic course is a good starter course, with a bit of everything LHP, available in the balg store) and read the whole thing, work through it in order, and then see where you want to go from there. You’ll know enough by them to pick a direction.

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