Who to connect to?

What if you don’t know any dead relatives or didn’t like them. Is there some way to practice Necromancy without ancestors? Like connecting with Hecate or other underworld gods/goddesss?

Working with Hecate is not Necromancy. Working with Hecate to bring forth specific spirits is.

Ancestors are not the end of Necromancy. Most of my work with the dead is by hiring spirits in the cemetary.

Ok. Euoi have you read COMMUNING WITH THE SPIRITS: The Magical Practice of Necromancy ? I was thinking about buying it. Also can you bring the spirit of the dead into your house from the cemetary or do they like to stay in their area?

I’ve not read that book.
Yes, you call the spirit at your home altar.

Once you start working with the cemeteries, guede {spirits of the dead} may follow you at home to check you out. Once they see you have an altar dedicated to them with foods&drinks, they chill and feel like at home.