Who to ask for help for a business credit aplication

Hi guys
This is my first ever post tnx
We run a smallish business and want ti expand
What we need is money
So we have given in our credit aplication to a big firm…not a bank institution.
Ita been more then a week and still no answer.
Is tbere somerhing we can do to ensure that the aplication gets approved…or that it will go smoothly.
Tnx for reading and any replies

Try Clauneck, and calling customer services.

Thank you
Sorry for asking
How woukd U go about it

If you have no experience and nothing set up, first find out how to cleanse your space of unwanted spiritual influence, and how to banish it if it happens, this is called having good spiritual hygiene and is important.

When you have your space ready and the tools to work with, then use a petition spell.

This forum has ten years of tutorials and discussions, the magnifying glass at top right will help you find all sorts here. If you’re going to get into magick I do recommend reading around the subject before jumping in, it’ll save hassle later. :smiley:

Megathread for all resources here:


I have been on this forum for about 2 years…dis the intro and some more…what i meant that this will be my first ever question.i have never worked will Clauneck before…and wanted some guidelines of what to exoext…although eaxh persons experience ia different…for me personally i feel that each person style or way to do this is right…cause its perso al and the way it suits them best…following the respectfull guidelines…what i actualy meant asking…is in what way would U start this if it was U asking for help…thank you for your speesy response and very nice answers and guides

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For me personally, I like to start a brand new contact with an evocation. Once I have the energy signature, the “feel” of the entity’s presence, which is unique, then after that I’m comfortable continuing in vision work/meditation, dreams, invocations, and clairsentience.

I’m not a big ritual person, I enjoy them but I consider them the “big guns” and reserve them for formalised work to make big requests. Going through the ceremony adds gravitas, I feel :smiley:

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Bune can help.

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