Who should I evoke to help me fall out of love?

Which demon would be best for me to work with to help me fall out of love with someone? He doesn’t want to be with me any more and nothing I do can bring him back to me. So it’s better if I fall out of love with him. I know which demons to evoke to help someone love me (but that hasn’t worked) so I want to do the opposite and make myself stop loving him.

Why do you feel that’s the only option? I can think of better options.

What would be the better options?

You need to accept things as they are without thinking less of him (in other words, falling out of love with who he is, regardless of his decision about his relationship with you). I would say, it’s healthier to go down that route. There are some spirits who can help mend a broken heart too.


You may get help from Bael. In general, Bael may help especially to make somebody to lose interest in you but in that case you will ask his help so as to lose your own interest in him; why not ?

Anyway, don’t think that magick hasn’t worked, magick has strange ways sometimes it doesn’t doesn’t go fast , or as per your case here, you may not be aware yet but you probably have better options along the way and they just didn’t want to interfere. Evoke again, Sallos for example and ask for better options where you will find love and be sure that love will come to you.


If you work with archangels, Haniel can really help you

Bael is good for ending obsessions. :wink: In this case, it is your obsession with your ex. Always worth a try imo. Also, it takes time for results to manifest, assuming you manage to lose the lust for result. Try distracting yourself with other things.

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A demon that will help you is IPos, he can detach you from that person. Also beleth




Thanks for your help everyone.

I think I’m going to work with Bael to end my obsession, and then with Sallos to help me find love elsewhere.

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Angel Mumiah is excellent at closing cycles that did not close on their own. He knows that sometimes we can not move forward in our lives because of that. He gives an end to all things. Try with it, it gives excellent results, especially in matters of love