Who should i call for help?

Hi I’ve been having a hard time lately and have been wondering, if I were to summon and make a pact with a demon or something who would be the best option?
I’ve been dealing with family, school, depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts, including betrayal of a good friend who said they cared about me and had feelings for me.
I want to make everyone’s lives better and have been thinking about making a pact or a deal and such to help them feel better. I’ve been getting bullied and people keep trying to fight me as well so I’ve been also thinking of asking for basic protection as well and guidance. I’m still new to everything and trying to learn everything I can.

How about contacting duke dantalion

You don’t need to make pacts to do any of this, and I’d recommend holding off on that until you have someone you have built a relationship with and trust, or receive an invitation you’re comfortable accepting.

The reason is, a pact is a serious thing, and entities don’t hand them out like candy.
In my experience, its ideal to start with meeting a few entities, understand what you want more clearly and spend time on your skills and learning. A pact is intense and usually requires daily work that interferes with the free flow of new information you need. This is especially true if the pact required you don’t work with other entities for the duration.

But if you’re new, and haven’t developed those communication skills, how will you hear the entity for the pactworking anyway?
Right now a couple of good friends to guide you is what you need, imo.

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About pacts. It is highly recommended to ask each entity if they will okay pact-signing with others. None objected. Also, we shouldn’t ask different daemons of the same thing (except something pertaining to our spiritual growth etc).