Who’s tough? (Something about old challenges and such)

So, I had a problem, and I finally began to see success and began to grow. It was awesome. However, what I was trying to do was cast a love spell on a witch, and I could feel it working and see signs, however, I was told by several people, that because they’re a witch, I should probably seek experienced help so I don’t wind up with something even more messed up happening to me. This all began because we were a thing for awhile, and they casted a “love” spell on me for I don’t know why, but it made me not myself. I’m typically a very calm individual who doesn’t excite easily, but I became obsessed and flustered. It costs me dearly. So anyone who is capable of doing this, I would be very grateful for the help.

You want someone to spend their time to cast a love spell for you, for free?

Why should we?

The members of this forum have nothing to prove to you or anyone else. We’re not in high school.

This is just…I don’t know what this is. :roll_eyes:

Sorry, had to put a catchy title so people would notice it. Also, please don’t think this is ridiculous, lady_eva and several can vouch that I had been working on this by myself and working hard on it as well. However, because I am new, they suggested for my safety turning to someone who was more advanced, and capable. I don’t need anything more or less, simply someone who is capable and willing to help me. I don’t know why someone would give their time if they did not intend to help. Again, I’m sure what I’ve done has worked to some degree given that I see the signs, am now able to function how I choose to, and am at peace. However, and I repeat again, it was suggested to me by many, that because I’m new and have yet to establish firm footing, that I should seek out help. So I did what they told me to do.

We help all the time by providing information and advice on this forum.

I find it unlikely that @Lady_Eva would suggest hitting up someone to do the work for you, since spell begging is frowned upon here, and we get hit up for free magick every day. I have the suspicion they meant to find someone to possibly mentor you, rather than someone to do the actual work for you because we have newbies come in all the time with demands for us to get their ex back for them and this is really no different.

Anyway, good luck with that.

Okay what happened was @Brwsing contacted me asking about someone else’s advice to get someone else involved because the person is a witch, to which I replied:

I further replied:

I did not assign any value judgement on whether this help was to come from asking a friend on here, asking for tips on taking on a witch, asking for a mentor, paid, unpaid, anything, just that getting some extra help can’t hurt. :+1:

I wasn’t actually fully sure of the context and what @Brwsing wanted, and what the witch in question was doing.

Hope that helps? :slight_smile:


I appreciate the explanation, Eva. Thank you :slight_smile:

Correction, you did what you interpreted their words with you to mean for you to do. I am not as experienced as some of these folks on here, but my knowledge and experience, in general, is not so limited. I have asked everyone to treat me, for all intents and purposes as a layman, and they have. PM me if you wish to discuss this in detail; I will offer what I can in the way of advice or technical instruction (to a limited degree).