Who rules over the Black Sun?

I’m having to deal with an entity associated with the Black Sun. I’m looking to get rid of it. It appears to be some sort of spirit of the Dead? I’m working through the Black Gate pathworking with Belial and he is showing me what is wrong with my reality. This appears to be a part of that.

Is it Lucifer-Amaymon I need to summon, to get this spirit off my back?


Belphegor is the ruler of Thagirion (the Qliphotic/black sun)


Thank you. :slight_smile:

Amaymon is often associated with it. Not necessarily Lucifer-amaymon. I just mean amaymon.


I would suggest Sorath, who could also be Surtr, as the manifestation of the black sun itself. E.A. Koetting has a very interesting ritual for it on video in his channel.

It was inspired by an even more interesting essay on working with Sorath as the black sun by Andrieh Vitmus in the Anthology 3 from BALG publications.

Very powerful and maybe not for everyone tbh. This is just my upg, but it’s my feeling that you can still see the effects of this ritual in E.A. today, he is a kind of his own walking black sun. But he does so much work all the time, who knows?

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It may be that one of the entities already mentioned is also the counterpart of Lilith (she being the Black Moon), anyway the name a magician gave “him” is Liluth.

Thank you everyone. :slight_smile: