Who or what is responsible for creating pain?

Part of what led me to abandon Catholicism was that it must take a pretty sadistic god to cause so much pain to so many innocent creatures. Why would such a god curse a baby leopard somewhere to paralysis and death by abandonment and starvation? What possible use could it serve to create a parasite that blinds poverty-stricken children in Africa? What kind of a god makes a rabbit develop a spinal tumour that sentences them to constant excruciating agony for days before it finally kills them?

Is there even one god responsible for this? Is it the Christian god? Or is it something else, some sick, sadistic, intrinsic property of this place, this world on which we are stuck?

It sickens me, the astronomical amount of useless suffering that happens here. I only wish I knew why and what I can do about it.

The god called “nature” does this.
Suffering is not useless. Nature and life is beautiful. However, a beautiful butterfly, a majestic stag, they would not exist without evolution. And evolution runs on creatures suffering and dying.
And yes there are creatures that are parasites. But are they evil or sadistic? No, nature simply made them find a way to survive.

The good things in life cannot exist without the bad ones.

You cannot end suffering, and you don’t need to.
You need to find something in your life that makes you think “Yes, this makes it worth it.”


Suffering doesn’t just happen here, it happens everywhere. It’s a natural part of existing - here, there, ‘out there,’ and everywhere. There isn’t one god or many ‘responsible’ for the examples you gave. They’re just a part of nature and a part of existing. They’re a part of the whole.

Existence is neutral. The Universe is neutral and can even be seen as cruel from some points of view. It doesn’t favour one thing above another. It just is. From our point of view, a parasite that blinds poverty-stricken children in Africa is ‘bad,’ but from the parasite’s point of view, it’s just trying to reproduce to survive.

Like Helena said,

It’s a part of the Universe, as a whole. But you can do small things that affect the World around you, such as, working in a field that helps said children in Africa that are at risk of contracting such parasites.


Some would say that pain is a chemical reaction in the brain - you wouldn’t even FEEL physical pain without your brain to create the sensation. I’d argue that human suffering/etc is related to the brain as well. Since it’s our “vehicle” here on Earth.

So human psychology (anger, sadness, emotions, trauma) and the chemical/physical reactions.

It would be nature, although sadistic would not be the right word for it. Nature is what it is. Some aspects are beautiful, some are cruel. In the end, it is one giant race to find and maintain their niche within it in order to survive (or at least pass on genes) while dealing with diseases and obstacles meant to limit populations for the sake of balance. There is really nothing that can be done about it, as there will always be a new obstacle emerging for everyone conquered.


The truth is that there isn’t a sole cause to the world suffering. Bad things happen because bad things happen. Personally, I find it childish to blame everyone’s issues on a single being or collective of beings.

The All (or nature as others have called it in this thread) needs to suffer. Every experience possible is necessary, no matter what it is; be it brutal, painful, oppressive, liberating, elating, or orgasmic. All experiences are valid. There is only one entity. This One being committed divine suicide at the moment of the big bang by infinitely fragmenting itself in order to once again forget that it is God, and explore all of it’s potential (even the darkest corners of it, which is why many abrahamists face the dillema of feeling abandoned by “God”) until every experience has been had and Abraxas is reborn, at which point there is nothing left to do but to once again forget and repeat the process all over again. This can be a heartbreaking concept for some, but existence is incapable of ceasing. The mere threat of nonexistence invites infinity into being, and within infinity there is everything. If it was only good things it wouldn’t be infinity. All things are permitted. Sorry if that’s a hard pill to swallow.

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In other words God (not the abrahamic one mind you) is dead and our job is to ressurect it.