Who let this dog out

Soo for the past six months…ive been seeing a very large black dog with red eyes…off and on…is this a demon…deity…god…demigod…shapeshifter?! Here is a drawing i did

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I see these as messengers, but there’s a few associations, follow your intuition…


Thats kind of what i was thinking to…a messeneger of death…could it be dangerouse…is there a way to…get rid of it?

Where did you see it?
In your closet?
On the road?

There are also Grims who are watchers over graveyards and protect the dead.

It depends on the feelings you get from it.

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The messengers aren’t dangerous - they don’t interact they just appear and disappear, but they give off an energy of dread that makes people afraid of them. Getting rid of it wouldn’t negate the situation behind the message, it may have already happened by the time you see it anyway.


In the house…in the drive way…in the yard…in the neighbors yard…:neutral_face:

Ok…so they give more of a spirtual… or psycholagical…feeling…that makes sense…no phsyical harm…just more of a warning…or messsage…like… swurling clouds… before a tornado… right?

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My suggestion is think on how this one makes you feel when you see it, if you don’t feel it will harm you try communication. Also think outside a little too; it could come to a sensitive person, you, on another person’s behalf.
It could still be for you even if it’s good or bad.

There’s a lot of reasons one could show up but you’ll have to think on the why. I don’t have issues with creatures like that but I don’t know how you are with deciphering a Spirit hound’s message?
They remind me of Banshees, they don’t show up just to say hi and if you’ve seen it that much I’d guess it really wants you to understand it’s message.


I personally had 2 in my sons truck… i fed them freshly killed Elk and asked that they protect my son. I did this for a few days

A Hellhound. The only time I have seen one is when someone I loved was near death. It is usually a death omen in my opinion. They do have different meanings too and if you work with certain entity, you can summon them to attack enemies or protect you.


My son was in a head on accident and the hounds were in the new truck… thus my feeding them.

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Keep in mind that the devil in pre-Christian British beliefs, as well as traditional craft, are not the same as the Christian concept of devil.

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in my loungeroom