Who knows Belial well?

9 years ago I was engaged in spiritualism, communicated with Belial. Then spiritualism has stopped working. I don’t know why. Who has a friendly relationship with Belial and knows Him well, could you please ask him why spiritism doesn’t work for me?

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Oh okay spiritualism is a Form of the necromancy. Well working with demons frightens the spirits of the dead. IT is totally normal
Belial is the Father and Protector of witches. You can call him by his chant

Agileath thydemos tlyfos Belial
Itz racha Belial

And his sigil


Spiritism is probably a better word. Belial doesn’t want to answer my question, and he hates me.
I use enn: Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehlc Belial.

Are you a police officer or working for the goverment? Than definitively Belial is not your best option :flushed:


He doesn’t like cops? But I’m not a police officer and I don’t work for the government.

I think he knows why spiritism doesn’t work. There’s no point in asking other spirits. Maybe they don’t know.

This is nonsense.


Belial doesn’t care about your job. What you do is not who you are.

You should start developing your senses to be able to speak to him. It could be that he’s challenging you to develop new ways of experiencing him.

You haven’t really said how you go about communicating with him.


I use clairaudience when I talk to him, but it’s a complicated method. Hard to hear. Getting messages through spiritism is easier.

Belial doesn’t like tyrants but he is also a king that rules in Hell.
Belial is most likely playing on that thought that you do care about your job or think he does.
He might also want to do the 1-2 technique, he tells me he sort of would like to do that with you.
If you want I can explain what that is if you want.

How does it work?
Are you talking to Belial now?

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You ask me what I mean by spiritism?

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I talk to him non stop.

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I don’t do spiritualism anymore because it doesn’t work. The pen doesn’t write, the needle points to random letters. To talk to one of the spirits, I meditate on the sigil and sing Enn, then listen to the spirit. This is not spiritism, in my opinion.

Does he know the name of my Andalusian horse?

very interesting bro, does he say anything about me?

@StrengthenedWarrior no he tries to say little of others, if anything at all, that’s your business with him.
Just trying to understand the situation with @Embermane he is saying very little and even that is a bit hard to follow. He did say he does know the name. I myself have no idea, makes no sense I looked it up. Why do you ask?

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To make sure it’s not an impostor.

Could you tell about this technique that Belial wants to do?

Sure this will reduce imposters. When I first evoked Belial I didn’t know it at the time, but he came with so many spirits. my spirits have had so many games it is really hard not to get mazed.
But the technique I have Belial is the 1-2 technique.

Take your hand and make it clap upon itself.
Now call Belial to do the 1-2 and ask if he is in your hand.
clap it again, if you get a 1 clap the answer is no.
If you get a 2 clap the answer is yes.
If you get more than that he’s laughing.

After 1 your hand just moves on it’s own.

Be warned I have spirits all over my body and have not tried to get them out yet, but this will give clear yes’s and no’s and you start hearing them again during that claps. I was like you and I too could hear better, now I do this, it is fun and gives a stronger feeling that they are really talking to you.


Thanks. I don’t think it will work. The spirits can’t control my hand. If they could, I could even type their messages on the keyboard. It’s like auto-writing. Or they could move the pointer on the Ouji board.

No Belial possesses my hand. for talking when I ask a question, he isn’t running amok, at least not in that way. other wise my hand is normal.