Who is this?

Perhaps it’s just some random spirit…
But does anyone know if there is a spirit with the description of riding a white horse, a golden crown and two massive dogs at each side?


I am biased but that makes me think Odin on Sleipnir with Geri and Freki on either side.

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What if thats Tyr or Bardal

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How did you encounter this spirit and can you do it again? Remember to get his name if you do. He may be the spirit of instantaneous godhood and you let him get away. For shame. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I dont know. I was outside and he just showed up. It was like everything including the wind went to slow motion and my vision went into a trance. I got tunnel vision and all I could see was him riding through the tall grass with the 2 huge dogs at each side.

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Is there any other detail you can tell as about him/her?

Well, Karuppaswamy is a god who wears a crown, rides a white horse, and has pet dogs at his side. Kalki (also mentioned in the article) is a more famous deity that has significant parallels to Karuppaswamy and also rides a white horse while wearing kingly attire, but I’m not sure on the dog part.


What the fuck is his name and sigil and enn nigga?


Ask the spirit to reveal his Sigil, and you’ll know who he is by searching it on the web, it worked for me…Just be careful about the shapes you’re going to receive in your mind.

He had short hair and rode bare back. Seemed very stately. It seems there are a number of possibilities as to his identity so I will have to scry into it.

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