Who is this? Does anybody know?

So I was in the shower, it’s around 4am here and suddenly I hear a ringing noise as if someone was ringing a bell. At first it seemed weird and random, but it reminded me of something that happened during spring/summer 2017, I was in the car with my headphones on listening to music but then I suddenly see a fairy in front of me, a small fairy, right in front of me near the dashboard, although I was playing music at full volume I heard a ringing noise, the EXACT same ringing noise, all thoughts of it being my mind playing tricks on me went, as it as IDENTICAL to the ringing noise I’ve heard more than half a year ago. If anyone knows, who is this? And what does she (I feel like it’s a she) want? To guide me and protect me and support me? Or to send me a message. Someone please help, any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks :))

I’m seeing blue… Blue is coming thru loud and clear…

I’m not sure blue fairy , blue fairy magick.

It’s very blue .

This shade


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That’s funny because that’s my favourite colours! Do you see a name? Perhaps she’s my guardian?

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Give me a few minutes I’ll see if I can pick up anything else :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot! Btw the fairy looked friendly and she was literally holding a little bell in her hand, I can’t remember what she actually looked like though, but she gave off love/friendly energies and comforted me as much as she shocked me. Her aura was beautiful

She’s wearing blue and had blonde curly hair that is pulled up on top of her head and the curls fall and bounce down like a cascade.

I’m getting the word Fauna but I’m not sure if that’s her name or the type of fairy she is. Fauna relates to animals …

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A very strong healing energy comes from her

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I’m sure she had curly blonde hair! Or short blonde hair! I personally love animals but I feel like she was more like my guardian as she made me put my seatbelt on just before the driver suddenly braked and nearly crashed.

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She could be with you for a specific reason and making you put on your seat belt goes with the healing energy I feel… keeping you from harm.

She could still be connected to fauna and be your gaurdian or guide. And you could have something you need to do related to animals

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I see a fairy circle and tiny gold lights like fireflies in an open meadow …

Lots of magick their… the fae call you

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Yeah definitely I’d say that too but when she rang the bell while I was in the shower, it reminded me and perhaps she desires to make contact with me? & Wow that’s amazing sometimes I feel incredibly connected to wildlife and nature, I also visualise fields of grass and trees and mountains with all kinds of life, birds, fireflies and I also see golden lights. Any ideas on why I feel so connected to them and why I’m being called by the fae?

Thanks a lot btw you were a great help & it’s 5am here and everyone’s asleep so it’s a good thing you’re still awake haha

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Sounds like you met a fairy familiar


Your welcome :slight_smile:

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A fairy familiar? Wow, is that a good thing and why? Forgive me for my ignorance haha I’ve never had a familiar before and known it.