Who is the strongest egregore?

From computer games , legends or somewhere else . Who is the strongest ?

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I would say, for egregores, as these are man made, you are what makes these real, so it’s about how much you and other humans believe in them.

Your mind is what directs the energy to perform magick, so if your mind thinks one is stronger, it will be… For you.

But the human mind has a collective aspect, and an egregore “fed” by many will have that energy to draw on, be more complex. So as a rule of thumb, the more people know about it positively the better.

It will also depend then on your culture and country, as this strongly affects your mind and attitudes. In japan Naruto might have more oomph than Cthulu, in Goth circles not so much.
Magick is personal and highly subjective.

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Or sports. It would seem to be good times for vampires in the stadium.




On a serious note I :100: agree with this


In business, Walmart. Now Amazon :smiley:


yeah you got it jesus Christ the egregore


According to the CIA factbook, Christianity is the Worlds largest religion, Islam leading up close behind. So I would not be surprised about the strength of the egregore based on sheer numbers, but how effective are they?

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Yes, I mean there is a reason why one does not always simply leave Christianity. It can be a whole process of trying to disconnect yourself from that “matrix” (that’s the best word I can think of for it).


I guess unless people saw all their gods face to face without ever trying to call them before having seen or otherwise experienced their presence first, all beings could be called egregores. If that were the case, I’d say the Abrahamic God and Jesus come first in the present world.

Otherwise, I’m not really sure. Maybe looking into local legends could be helpful especially the horror type. For examples, spirits like La Llorona could be seen as egregores.


the worlds largest religion with the most useless self entitled narcissistic god

Getting away from Christianity was a process. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that the sacraments themselves are pale and limited imitations of the steps of the “great work.” so, basically while people think, wow, what does this do, in actuality its just some mundane reflection of actual magical truths. To really understand the concepts, however, requires a clash of cultures, and much damage has been done giving the medicine to those who it is a poison.


Ergregors of magical orders or lodges are the most powerful ergregors.


You are.


please explain more :thinking:

Man made would be the Jew God Trinity Thought Form ( probably ).
Naturally occurring would be the Self. “'Everything is loved, not for it’s own sake but because the Self lives in it”". Upanishads quote… ““In Him we live, move, and have our being.”” Christian new testament bible quote. The Self is all encompassing and the Jew God thought form wants to imitate this. ( So I hear. )

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Will. Magic courses through everything in existence and defies logic, while simultaneously existing with it. It is through ones own will that manipulating that flow is possible. You can perform as many elaborate rituals as you like but it won’t make any difference if you have no belief in it

not entirely true,there is a slight chance that doing a super elaborate ritual with no belief in it will anger the spirit its supposed to be for.some magick even works by deliberately forgetting what you’ve casted,causing it to drift into the subconscious where it literally cant be believed in by the conscious mind. we must all remember that unbelief and forgetting are “sacrosanctus ut unus”

You know I’ve found that constantly dwelling on workings definitely negatively impacts them if I’m questioning their outcome or power
However I also find that constantly dwelling on the workings in a sort of positive light or believing aspect helps empower them

Sometimes it’s hard to forget rituals to so I’ll use EA Koettings ummm :thinking: what did he call it…

“Power of f*** it”" I believe :rofl:

Rad name :metal:

basically using doubt to empower the ritual.