Who is the most powerful Demon?

Who is the most powerful demon out there? Like one that is so powerful and dangerous you shouldn’t summon. That we know of

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We can never know because we will never know all the demons that exist

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Please try using the search function. This question is very common and there are many threads already with answers.


Me. Get off my lawn.


Yeah sorry, it was stupid of me to ask. Sorry

A demon that will never help you and it’s dangerous to you… I’m sure you can find something like that in some junk food menu, but it will be delicious nonetheless


Sorry for asking such a stupid question

No need to apologize, but use the search function please.



This is going the be a question you get a variety of answers to primarily because different people will resonate with various spiritual entities that have been labeled as demons differently from one person to the next. You would get the same diversity of answers from asking which god or element or planet is best to work with. Anyone with a fair amount of experience will likely have a different answer from each other for the same reason as the above. Every has their own energetic makeup which will resonate better with specific energies, currents and traditions more than others.

You are better are examining the various tradition And systems and seeing which ones call out to your instincts. You are more apt to find one that personally resonates with you that way.

This is a question that’s very much up for debate.

If you ask me, it’s Dragon_Witch in his aspect of “You woke me the fuck up motherfucker” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Does it matter? as The Hanging Gods, it sounds like you know where your limits are.