Who is the Dreamweaver?

We ascribe many anthropomorphic embodiments to various aspects of the universe and ourselves, gods and demons we interact with. But who is the dream weaver the sandman that spirit of change that comes upon us as we shift from one reality to the next? Who is that psychopomp the guide who brings us from our waking state into the realm of the dreamworld?
We know that science tells us that our brain changes its brainwave patterns to fit the state of mind we are in but what brings us there? What is that force of change that comes upon us what is that aspect of ourselves that takes on a life and mind of its own.

What myths and legends surround this gatekeeper and his very important function in our lives?

Who is the dreamweaver the sandman and how can we connect with this force of nature and use it to aid in our work?


Honestly? I would have to go full Chaote with this and talk to Neil Gaiman’s Sandman.



No offense to you Banjax but…Fuck Neil Gaiman, Neil Gaiman does not dictate thousands of years of mythology I’m tired of his sorry ass and people getting down on their knees for him like he’s some kind of prophet he’s just a guy trying to make a profit.


No offense taken.

I understand your point of view, but I dont know of any existing entities that encapsulate what you are looking for better than this character. Keep in mind i am not saying that there are not any, simply that I am not aware of them in that aspect other than tapping into the gods of dreams, like maybe Morpheos? I am not that familiar with Greek/Roman myths though.

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Hey Morpheus there we go! That’s something there.


I was just thinking about the sandman not too long ago lol

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