Who is the best spirit to contact for beginners in evoking?

So I am just curious who do you guys think is the best spirit to contact for envocations?


i would choose lucifer,azazel,satan and prince seere

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Flip through a bunch of grimoires. See which spirits intuitively call out to you, which sound fascinating, which sound like they’d be useful or even a role model you could aspire to be.

These are the best spirits to contact.


Yeah, how this guy said, it can differ from a person to person, some feel connections to certain entities and it’s easier for them to connect with that entity/entities than other entity/entities. There might be a lot of factors of why someone is creating a link with an entity before actually evoking it. But what is sure is the fact that if you feel a connection with an entity, obviously that entity entity “calling” your name


King Paimon or Lucifer.


Aphtiph, fire spirit; Kaliel, who is a Mercury genie; Faluna and Oromonas, respectively Taurus and Aries intelligences.
With elementals (like the first one) I believe that one may avoid to invoke the 4 elements, prior to the summoning. Well, really, it’s possible to skip it with other entities too…


Thanks for the input

You must have read Bardon’s second book to recommend these spirits. I contacted Aphtiph and Oromonas years ago.

From where do you know Kaliel?

Yes, I did :slight_smile: Kaliel is from Bardon’s book too, in the Earth Zone “section”.

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Whatever entity you want. There’s no such thing as beginner spirits to contact. You pick who you want to contact, prepare yourself, do it, be respectful and experience it. On this forum you’ll always get the names of some demon from the infernal. Just dive into experiencing.


I understand what’s wanted here.
Entities like Oromonas love to have contact with humans, she is eager to answer.

That can be said about any entity an individual had experience with tbh.