Who is the best entity to call for protection from bad weather and storms?

I’m like terrified of storms, I’ve had repeated nightmares of dying from tornadoes or having close calls. I live on the coast where they are less common, but as we all know climate is changing and storms are getting worse.
I have no idea how him I’m going to get through this upcoming hurricane season…and even hearing about a regular storm with tornado chances makes me so uneasy I get sick.
Not sure what to do, I know most witches love stormy weather but at some point in my life I went from liking it to it being a great fear
Advice? :confused:

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Gods like Set, Pazuzu, Susanoo, Cernunnos is one aspect is a god of sky as well as nature, Thor, Zeus, Indra

Demons like Baal, Asmodeus, Belial, as well

Zadkiel’s legion of angels the Hashmallim as well.


What’s a good way to summon Thor? I’m feeling a pull towards him, does he have an enn or sigil or anything like that I can use?

I really appreciate the response btw

A symbol of Mjolnir or Thurisaz is said to be Thor’s rune, or Thor’s name in elder futhark helps as well.

I’ll look up what the runes look like and what the other name is etc
Thank you for the help

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Firstly you need to control your own fear as it won’t get you anywhere with magick otherwise . I once prayed to Hindu goddess Bhairavi to stop the rain so I could go for a jog , it got all clear and sunny for an hour and as soon as I got back this crazy storm started again !


@AshtaNoe on 72 angels of magic there is an angel that help to prevent storms but i personally also used BEELZEBUB and i cant lie he is very very great on that.

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