Who is Satan?

I’m really getting to know Azazel and his power. It is said Azazel is most loyal to Satan, while Paimon is loyal to Lucifer. I’ve heard Satan, Lucifer and Beelzebub are three separate entities. I’d like to know more about Azazel’s loyalty to Satan. Can any one give me information on who Satan really is? What is he like? What are his powers? How does he appear? What is his sigil?

it is not Satan that doth appear!

you appear!

you appear inside Him. again and again.

and this will never end.

I don’t understand how that works. Can you explain?

I dont think that there is only ‘‘one good view’’ of Satan, Since i Believe Reality is Subjective.

If you Look at the Historical Information, Satan is an Hebrew Title Meaning Adversary, Often given to Samael the Angel who Rebel against God in the Talmudic Lore.

In the Islamic Lore, Iblis named Shaitan is Considered as Azazel and is Also an Angel(Or a Djiin in some Interpretation) that Refuse to Bow before Adam at the Comand of Allah

If you Look Deeper, you can see that the Figure of Satan was Inspired by Ahriman, the God of Darkness in the Zoroastrian Religion, The Jews were kept at Babylon for quite some time so Zoroastrianism influenced their Religion.

Satan can also be a Concept found in many Religion around the World with Often different Name, A Concept of Rebellion agaisnt Spiritual Tyranny, a Spirit of Antinomianism etc…

Some consider Satan as a Real Being, They can see Him in many Ways, Some believe that he is Shiva, Odin, Set etc…
Other See him in the Traditional Hebraic Way
Other see him as a Cosmic Principle
and so on.

I Would encourage you to Study about Satan from Many Source, And make your own Idea about Him based on your Personal Study and experience.

Ive attached a poster ive made recently, which i have it on my wall as a visual affirmation and which i gaze upon while meditating.
To me Satan is vibrating as Lucifer, Baphomet, Samael, Lilith, Azazel and Paimon all unified.

He`s one in many and many in one.

In that regard and As Bahamuthat said, you appear in Him.